This blog will focus on no one thing in particular. I am a random free spirit and I write whatever grabs hold of me in the moment. It may be something that left me outraged, in which case I am eager to share. It may be something that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside or something I just think other people should know about.

About Me 

I live in Northern California, born and raised. I am a married mother of two boys that I educate online at home. Yes, I am “one of those home-schoolers”.

I enjoy reading and writing (fiction and non-fiction), photography, music and movies. All of these things may become a topic of my blog at some time. I do not consider myself a journalist, but I am a freelance writer who sometimes will write about current events if the topic interests me or I feel strongly about it.

I believe in the rights of the individual to speak their mind, own guns and marry whoever they want. I believe in freedom and I am against ALL government overreach and useless, unnecessary laws. These things will also likely appear at some time in this blog.

I will likely touch on controversial topics, as I am known to do by anyone who has spent any amount of time in my company, so if you are too sensitive to deal with certain topics being raised I would suggest you not read here. I don’t mince words, I don’t sugarcoat and I speak in fluent sarcasm often.

A lot of people dedicate their blogs to just one or two main categories and post on a schedule, not this chick! I hope you enjoy, but if not, oh well I suppose.