I have recently read several articles revolving around astrological changes that began taking place in November of 2008 when Pluto entered the constellation Capricorn and began its 14 year transition. I have never really paid too much attention to astrology other than to read my daily horoscope and check out my star chart. However, this started popping up in my Facebook news feed and I couldn’t help but absorb it.

Astrological Meaning of Pluto in Capricorn

According to The Llewellyn Journal, symbolism and mythology behind Pluto all revolve around the deep issues of life. Pluto is considered the planet of transformation and deep inner searching. This is the planet that, according to mythology, guides our most potent and radical transformations. In history, when Pluto is in Capricorn, great movements and changes happen worldwide.

Pluto is the Roman name of Hades, the mythological Greek god of the underworld. It is Pluto who governs over the dead in Greek mythology, along with his queen, Persephone. But Pluto’s rule extends far beyond that of the nether regions. He is also the ruler of the dark side of our souls, and of our minds. Psychology is under the realm of Pluto, as is any other transforming science or doctrine. Among other dark subjects, Pluto rules crime, dictatorships, and fascism. Pluto also rules deep devotion and dedication to another, or to an ideal we have, and its reach is very profound and long lasting.

There are a few examples of historical times that coincide with Pluto transitioning through the Capricorn sign. During one such time the American and French Revolutions took place. This modern transit through Capricorn began in (depending on the site apparently) November or January 2008 and will be travelling through until January 2024. We have seen a lot of crazy things happen in the world since 2008, it makes me wonder what more we will see before it is over.

We have already seen a little bit of chaos in the financial world, our national economy as well as the economy of the world as whole is in upheaval everywhere you look. The establishment and the media spout numbers all the time that supposedly show our economy is “recovering” but most people are able to see past that and find the real statistics. Trust in the markets and the government is plummeting every day. Several nations dance on the edge of war with other nations. Some people even believe we are on the brink of World War 3.

Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, and Pluto brings change and upheaval. I can see how this can seem ominous when viewed in the light of current events and where we are headed. Some are predicting that we will in fact witness the complete collapse of all known government systems worldwide. While I am not opposed to this, it does unsettle to think of what may be in store.

This article by Molly Hall raised a lot of interesting points and has a lot of information regarding this transition and what we may expect to see. Unsettling it may be, but there are some words of hope as well.

Though Pluto can take us to a hopeless place, there’s always a rebirth on the other side. It’s a planet that transforms whatever life energy it touches. And it does that by shattering the outer structure, so that the core gems can be ferreted out. That nucleus of what’s real and true, becomes the foundation for the new.

I say bring it on Universe!