I am going to, once again, harp on about the drought and water wastefulness. You have been warned.

I understand that people buy bottled water for many reasons, portability and cleanliness are just a couple. However, where does the water come from? Why are we paying to buy something that is bottled that we could easily bottle ourselves? We already pay for water in our homes, but for some reason many of us turn around and purchase bottled water by the case at our local grocery store.

It is highly likely that the bottles of water people are buying here in California and around the country come from California, a state that we already know is drying up and being ravaged by drought for four years running.

According to an article written on MotherJones, Arrowhead and Crystal Geyser water both are taken from groundwater sources in California where we have been told we only have one year of water resources left. They bottle up our groundwater, then they charge us to buy it back in plastic bottles by the thousands!

Aquafina and Dasani both are bottled using municipal tap water service. So, essentially, if you buy either of those two brands of bottled water you are just buying something you could get from your own tap at home. Bottled water companies are draining us dry, literally!

If your reasons for purchasing cases of bottled water are that you want cleaner water, you are being fooled. The water they bottle is no cleaner than the water you can get from your kitchen tap or your garden hose. If you really want cleaner water you can go and spend less than $40 at Wal-Mart and purchase a Brita filtration system. You change the filter every few months or after a certain amount of gallons filtered, the filters cost less than $20 for a pack of 5, then you can simply clean your own tap water that you already pay for by the month!

But what about portability? Well, you can either reuse your old, plastic water bottles (recycling) or you can purchase insulated travel bottles that keep it cold and portable for your convenience. There are several reasons why we should stop buying pre-packaged water and not as many to continue.

Plastics are terrible for the environment, yet every year billions upon billions of plastic water bottles are created and sold. Let’s face it, not every single one of those bottles gets recycled, and many end up littering the land. That is a whole other post though, and I digress.

Admittedly, most of California’s water supply goes towards our agriculture industry. But it is definitely a problem that Americans all across the nation are giving their money to companies that are draining water from a state being destroyed by drought. Do you really want your wallet to help kill California? In 2012 alone in the U.S the bottled water industry produced approximately 10 billion gallons of water that resulted in revenues of approximately $12 billion.

Of course, the CEO’s of these companies are not really concerned as long as their revenue stays profitable. The CEO of Nestle a few years ago made the now infamous statement that “humans are not entitled to water, all water should be privatized”. Really?

Next time you are at the grocery store and considering purchasing a case of water please reconsider. There are other ways to drink portable, clean water.

Here are some websites where you can read more information on statistics about bottled water:

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