The above is a video of a presentation by David Wigington of in July 2014. Granted it is from last year, but it is still extremely relevant considering our climate situation and the disastrous drought being experienced in California and other Western United States. Yes, I do harp on this subject frequently because, simply put, I live in Northern California and I have been seeing this all unfold before my very eyes.

Before any of you wonderful readers get up in arms about “chemtrails” and me just being another “conspiracy theorist” hear me out. Or rather, hear out the facts in the presentation that are put together in a easy to understand way. Do not succumb to the media’s ridiculous system of marginalizing and ridiculing what is an extremely serious situation.  GeoEngineering is a real scientific term and a real practice that has been going on for decades.

According to the information presented, there are about 150 patents dating back to the 1940’s that have to do with spraying oxides of metal into the atmosphere in order to “combat global warming” by reflecting solar radiation with metal particulates. The result is enough aluminum raining down on our heads to raise the pH levels of forest floors. In Shasta County alone the soil pH levels were 15 to 20 times higher than the safe baseline for heavy metals. Some in the medical community have linked both Autism and Alzheimer’s to over exposure to aluminum.

In Shasta county David Wigington has documented soil tests and air samples, he has photographs and video evidence laid out in the presentation for all to see. An overabundance of toxic heavy metals have been documented in the soil of California. Wigington tested rainwater for a period of five years and the tests concluded that aluminum alone was 50% higher than what is considered normal and safe.

Perhaps the worst part of all of this is that they claim to be trying to combat the temperature rise of the planet but their methods seem to be taking the opposite effect. They claim that those grid patterns we see in the sky are simply “cloud seeding” in order to spawn rain clouds, but what is actually happening is they are creating artificial cloud coverage with metal particulates in the atmosphere that is disrupting the water cycle by stopping evaporation and dispersing moisture elsewhere. That is why we have hotter than average temperatures and dangerously dry conditions in the Western half of the continent and colder than average temperatures accompanied by the bizarre “polar vortex” in the Eastern half.

The video shows several maps over a period of months for the year 2014 that show completely unprecedented and obviously unnatural climate patterns across the continent and the rest of the world. They spray these aerosols directly into the atmosphere and what happens? The ozone sheds layers which results in a disrupted water cycle which ends in catastrophic drought, as we are already witnessing here in my home state.

In the presentation, Wigington shows a map of the first polar vortex in October 2013 and in the heat map you can clearly see with your own eyes that while the Northeastern United States was freezing and getting dumped with massive amounts of snow, the rest of the country was frying. Is that something that anyone can fool themselves into believing is a natural occurrence?

I am sure everyone has heard of HAARP. A person can literally not exist on the internet without tripping over a story about HAARP every once in a while. HAARP is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is a real facility and its only purpose is to heat the ionosphere. They spray these metal particulates into the air which then makes the ionosphere more conductive. They are then able to manipulate those particles using HAARP and other mobile facilities such as SBX radar.  With these giant ionospheric heating systems in place, they can heat one area and cool another pretty much at will.

It was reported a while back in Canada that a new hole in the ozone has opened up over the Canadian Arctic, although those articles are not particularly easy to find. There are pictures presented by Wigington in the video above that show trees in Redding California with the bark literally looking as though it has been singed off in some spots.

Watch the video and decide for yourself what you want to believe, but consider that we are in fact allowing our planet’s life support systems to be undermined in an effort to cover up the damage that has already been done and in turn creating even more damage in the process. If California goes, it is only a matter of time before Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon go, and the rest will follow. We are in this together, not just for California but for the whole nation and the world itself. We don’t have another world to go to when this one is used up!

You can visit David Wigington’s website GeoEngineering WATCH to learn more about this situation.