Yes, the title of this page seems a bit strange considering my previous blog about clowns and how creepy and sometimes even evil they are and generally how much I dislike them. But these clowns are different. Right now, I am referring to the Wicked Clowns, or if you prefer, the Juggalos.

I first started listening to Insane Clown Posse (ICP) in the early 2000’s, but I did not consider myself a “Juggalette” until about 2008 when I really started listening hard and discovered the hidden meaning behind what was, up until then, nothing but shock rap to me.

It became apparent to me that there was more meaning to the songs this group and their cohorts (Twiztid, Boondox, Dark Lotus, etc.) put out than just violence, cursing and all around gore and horror. They were sending a specific message with each album they released. That message is, simply, karma will get you if you do wrong. True Juggalos do not hate anyone, because they know that in the end karma, or the Dark Carnival, will sort it all out and hand out what everyone deserves; be it Hell’s Pit or Shangri-La.

A few years back, the FBI named Juggalos as an official gang on the Federal gang books and advised law enforcement around the nation that this group is a violent gang with a hatred for police and penchant for crime. It was a blatant campaign to basically criminalize fans of a certain music group just because some misled people out there painted their faces, called themselves Juggalos and proceeded to break a bunch of laws and make all the rest of us look like criminals in the process. For a period of time it was not unheard of to get pulled over simply for wearing a Hatchetman hoodie or having a ICP related tattoo or even car decal. One man was pulled over and harassed enough just for wearing a T-Shirt that ICP finally had enough and took the FBI to court. Eventually Juggalos were removed from the gang books once again, because it is ridiculous to assume that every person out there who listens to that music and likes it enough to sport it on their clothes or bodies is, by virtue of that association, a gang member.

So many people who actually considered themselves Juggalos actually stopped listening to ICP when they released the last Joker’s Card album “The Wraith of Shangri-La”. The last song on the album (above), titled “Thy Unveiling” lays out their true nature in plain words, and many of the more wicked oriented fans got angry about this and forsook the whole concept. Most of the current fans of this band and the others are really good people with excellent values. To accuse people like this of being gang members is completely ludicrous.

While I am not a crazed, in your face Juggalette anymore and I have never partook of a Faygo shower, I still believe in the message and enjoy the music. I sport my tattoos without compunction or care for the judgments of other people.

All of that being said, I will leave this post with a couple more of my favorites and hope you enjoy.