When I started this blog I had promised myself that I would post regularly, possibly even on some kind of schedule. Unfortunately, at that time, I failed to take into account that it was Spring Break for my two homeschoolers and I had a whole lot more free time during the day during that week than I do typically.

I have been homeschooling my two kiddos since last year when my oldest was halfway through the third grade. Our frequent “disagreements” with the school on a wide variety of issues finally came to a head at that point and we switched it up. This year I have youngest in Kindergarten as well and I am teacher to them both, as I believe it should be. Has it not always been the job of parents to educate and nurture their own children? For too long people have been cowed into allowing daytime custody and responsibility for their offspring to be handed over to the public school system.

But the point of this quick little post is not to rant and rave about the “Nanny State” and how it all starts in the classroom. I will save that post for another day when I am not typing on this insanely too small tablet keyboard. I simply wanted to let any of you interested parties out there know that I have, in fact, NOT abandoned this blog. The end of the school year is coming up in the next six weeks or so and that means buckling down and making sure all of our T’s are crossed and our i’s are dotted, which in turn means I have not the time for posting new posts right now. I have a nice fat idea notebook however, and it is rapidly filling with ideas for future posts on the far side of June 17th.

There may be a couple sporadic posts in between now and then, but once school is over for the summer, this Raven will be writing more regularly.