I came across this YouTube video on Facebook and I have to admit, it has me a bit worried. Typically, I do not put too much stock in these “doomsday” theories because quite frankly I have been seeing these “predictions” since my childhood. How many times has someone said that a mass extinction causing meteor was on a direct collision course with Earth only to have nothing happen when it came right down to it. How many times has someone predicted “the Big One” or that California was going to break off and sink into the ocean? If you answered “too many times to count” then you see my point.

Why is this time any different then, you may wonder.

Well, maybe it isn’t. But the video that I will post at the bottom of this article illustrates that not only is a pretty spectacular alignment happening in two weeks, but also that planetary alignments have in fact coincided (if not caused) with previous catastrophic events on Earth.

One example given is the alignment of Mars, Mercury and Earth’s moon between April 22nd and April 29th. As we know, on April 25th Nepal was struck with a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed 9,000 people and injured thousands more. Who knows if this alignment actually caused that earthquake or if it is just a big coincidence, but the next example he gave took a big step toward cementing the idea in my mind.

Using his program he goes back to March 11, 2011 and shows that, yet again, there happened to be a planetary alignment of Uranus, Mercury and the Earth/Moon system. As we know, that was the day that the 9.0 magnitude quake rocked the hell out of Japan. So, again, this could just be one hell of a crazy coincidence, or, it is evidence that celestial events have, in the past, caused or been related to major terrestrial disasters.

It even makes sense if you think about the solar system as a series of magnetized balls (which is what they are, really). I would imagine that if I created a model of the solar system using a group of balls that had magnetic cores, and then set them in motion the way our solar system is in motion, that when some of those balls line up with each other that it could disturb the magnets. I am not a scientist by any means, just a simple writer, but inside my head it makes sense.

So, according to this prediction, on May 28th at approximately 23:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (4pm for all my fellow Pacific Time zone dwellers) there will be more than one alignment. I have them listed for your convenience.

1) the Sun is going to line up with Uranus and Venus

2) Neptune, Mercury and Venus will be lined up at the same time

3) Venus and Mercury form a right angle to the Earth

4) Mercury is lined up with Saturn and the Earth/Moon system

So all of that is going to happen at the exact same time. The video also explores the zodiac movements and what constellations are involved in these alignments, but you can watch for yourself for that information.

How much stock am I putting in this personally? Well, I am not going to lie. I have an appointment scheduled for 3pm about 60 miles from home. I will be rescheduling that appointment. Safe is better than sorry.

Will California be struck by a massive earthquake in two weeks? I don’t know, but I am going to stay home that day.

Link to the video:

Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015