First of all, let us all just breathe a collective sigh of relief that May 28th’s planetary alignment did not end my home state, good old dried up California. *whew* We are still here, and I am still blogging.

Now that that is out of the way, before I start this post in force, let me just clarify a few things. I have no problem with homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals transexuals, hermaphrodites, or transvestites and nothing would thrill me more than if all of them were allowed to marry whoever in the hell they want to marry. I am also completely 100% for equality of all types. Equality for men, women and anyone in between is abso-tively, posi-lutely fine with me. That being said, there are a few things in this vein that are just not OK in my book.

Transgender children is a perfect example of one of those “not OK” things. I am not saying I have a problem with the children that are being called “transgender”, no of course not. They are simply children and only know what the adults in their lives teach them. I am taking issue with the entire concept of transgender kids because it has become ridiculous. I have a hard time accepting in my mind that a child under the age of puberty (and probably even older) even understands the concept of sexuality or gender confusion at all. I have a problem with this story from FoxNews about a lesbian couple giving their 11 year old son named Tommy hormone therapy because he wants to be a girl named Tammy. This whole concept really wigs me out, for lack of a better term. I have a son who is about to be 10 years old and it just really disturbs me thinking of a kid close to his age having these ideas implanted in their heads.

Yes, I said implanted in their heads. I am only 30 years old, and I like to believe that I remember my childhood pretty vividly. I remember enough to know that kids didn’t used to ever think about stuff like that when I was growing up. I knew “boyish” girls and “girly” boys and “girly” girls and “boyish” boys. Yes, boys who were a bit prissier about being clean or who didn’t like to play sports but would rather play with the girls at recess, those boys sometimes got picked on and made fun of, but for the most part they all grew up without once becoming confused about what gender they related to or deciding in 5th grade that they wanted to go to school wearing dresses and ribbons instead of jeans. The girls who, like myself, largely identified and hung around with more boys than other girls still grew up and got married and had kids without any thoughts of “maybe I should be a boy instead”.

Now, however, it seems to have become somehow “trendy” to have a gender identity crises or have a child with such an issue. I say “trendy” because, like most fads, it seems to have just popped up out of the clear blue sky a few years ago. All of a sudden everyone is transgender, starting as young as age 5 or 6! This is a problem. Kids do not, on their own, come up with this stuff, at least they didn’t when I was a kid.

Where is this coming from exactly? Parents. That is the only real explanation. Parents are the sole or main influence on their children for the first five years of their lives. In this article from People, the parents of a six year old biologically female child explain that ever since their daughter could speak she would proclaim “I am a BOY!” so they decided to allow her to identify as a male. Very progressive right? Except, it isn’t progressive, it is ridiculous. When does a child typically learn to speak? For both of my boys they were about 2 years old when they started making sense the majority of the time.

These parents decided that it could not possibly just be a phase, that their daughter was definitely not just a “tom boy”. Because, you know, at age 6 a child is completely capable of making complicated, informed decisions about their sexual identity. What a child says at 6 is definitely what that child is going to still believe at 10, 15, 21…right?

So, if she believes in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy at age 5, she will definitely feel the same way in six years? No! Of course not! Childhood is nothing but a series of phases. When I was 9 I decided I was a vegetarian, but by the time I was 11 I was chowing down on steak again. When I was 13 I developed a fetish for leopard print things and by the time I was 20 I had outgrown that phase too. My point is, just because a small child barely out of toddler territory says something does not make it carved in stone. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

But for some reason, now we have parents who let their children make these decisions at extremely inappropriate times. What happens to the boy who decides he is a girl in second grade and gets hormone therapy and then in ten or fifteen years thinks back on that and wonders why? Why did my parents allow this?

Again, I am not saying I have a problem with people identifying with the opposite sex, I just cannot feel comfortable with the concept of kids way younger than puberty aged making decisions like this. This is irresponsibility. Gender dysphoria is defined as follows:

  1. the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex.

So explain to me how it is normal for kids to feel that way before they have even reached any kind of sexual maturity? This confusion is coming from somewhere, it did not just manifest itself in the 21st century for no reason. Don’t get mad at me for expressing my views please, it is my right to have them and to share them.