I am going to touch on some of the “taboo” subjects today: Race and Politics in the United States. Not very PC of me, I know, but some things must be said and since no one else is saying them where I can see them I am taking this upon myself.

First off, let me explain why talking about race is taboo; I am white. Yep, I am white and I feel neither privileged nor guilty. I had no control over who my ancestors were, who my parents are, or what color skin I was born with so why should I feel guilty simply for being white?

That being said, I hope my whiteness does not negate what I have to say to any of you who read this blog. This racial division that has been going on for a long time in this country is nothing but another divide and conquer routine by the “Elite”. Wait, what? Yea…you read that right, racism itself has now become another tactic by which they exercise control by propagating hate.

This blog post was sparked by a headline I saw this morning: Black Churches Are Burning, and Nobody Seems to Care

The problem here is in the headline itself. Black Churches are burning. Just specifying what color people predominately go to that church is propagating racial division. Let me flip it for you so you can see my point. If someone started burning down Catholic churches and the headlines read “White Church Burns to the Ground” or something like that, you know people would be all up in arms over the term “White Church” instead of just “Church” or “Catholic Church”. Because there are black people who are also Catholic, yes? Well there are white Baptists out there too! Churches are no longer segregated, that stopped approximately 50 years ago!

This is just one example of how the media is breeding more racism with their provocatively worded headlines. We already know that the easiest way to control a population is to divide them and have them fighting among themselves to the point that the important issues are being overlooked in the midst of the heated arguments and violent outbursts. It is the same thing we are seeing them do with the Cops VS. Civilians headlines. We need to be coming together as a nation, as a people, not quibbling and fighting over skin color and who is or is not a racist.

Let me give you a for instance right now: When a cop kills an unarmed person, or uses excessive force and beats the living crap out of someone, the first thing people jump to is race. Was the cop white? Was the person getting shot or beaten black? If the answers to both of those questions is “Yes” then they can use a “double-whammy” by creating a headline centered around a White Cop shooting an unarmed Black Man. But if the cop is black, or Latino perhaps and the person shot or beaten is white? Race does not get mentioned in those stories because it would not fuel the racism the way They want it to.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that race should be mentioned in those stories I just described, I am saying it should never be brought up in relation to a crime that was heinous enough as it is. Regardless of the color of the cops or the victim, the story should center around the violent act, NOT the color of skin of the people involved. That is called propagating racial division.

Definition of Propagate: verb “to spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely.”

By using provocative headlines that include race, but only when involving black victims and white perpetrators, they are spreading the idea that black people are still considered secondary citizens by white people in general, which is just NOT true anymore. This country has had a black president for the past 7 years for crying out loud! No one has assassinated him, he made it into office not once but TWICE. If this were a country founded and based on racism, would that even be possible? But wait, there’s more!

On the other side of that argument, we have people who absolutely hate Barack Obama and everything him and his creepy wife stand for. Are all of these people white? Nope! Go on YouTube and look around for videos of people trash talking Obama, you will find mixed races engaging in that activity. So where is the racism?

The racism is in the news media who have made terms like “White privilege” and “White guilt” a thing. The racism is in the news media who insist on pushing the idea of race into the forefront everyone minds with their headlines that are worded in a specific way in order to inflame people’s emotions. Now they are, on top of promoting racism, promoting an Orwellian cultural cleanse of sorts. In the wake of the Charleston shooting, which while very tragic was also likely a false flag attack done to push this very agenda, the government and media are pushing for the complete deletion of the Confederacy on the grounds that it and it’s flag are “historically linked to racism and oppression.”

To that end, they have gotten Wal-Mart and Amazon.com to stop selling anything that even depicts a Confederate flag, including The Dukes of Hazard (toys, movies, posters, anything with the General Lee) Gone With The Wind (because it apparently romanticizes the Civil War and “propagates the idea that it was about more than slavery”(which it was)), the Age of Empires computer game that features the United States Civil War, and any other merchandise that features a Confederate Flag.

Here is a bit of a history lesson: The Confederate States of America, aka the Confederacy, was formed in 1861 and was only in existence until 1865 when the war was won by the North. That means that the Confederate flag only actually represented a country for 4 years. The United States of America has been a county of its own since 1776, and guess what? There were slaves then. Under our American flag, slavery happened in the North and in the South. Do not let anyone fool you into believing that the South wanted to leave the Union because of slavery. The abolition movement was alive and well in the southern United States, below the Mason Dixon line, well before the Civil War happened, and with or without the war or the secession from the Union, the abolition of legally sanctioned slavery would have happened on its own eventually. The war was fought over many other things, like state’s rights and industry.

If the war was only about slavery, then tell me why my ancestors, who were poor farmers in Louisiana and owned not a single slave, fought for the Confederacy? It was not to protect their right to own slaves, since they owned none. It was to protect their homeland from the invasion of a tyrannical federal government. If the war was about only slavery, then why did so many free black men take up arms for the Confederacy when it came down to it? Because they were fighting to protect their homes, and that is all. Fast forward to now; they want to erase the Confederacy from history by ripping down monuments, desecrating graves and deleting the flag that represents an entire heritage.

History is written by the victors, and we all know who won the Civil War and therefore who wrote the history of it, including the cause. Hell, if they are going to ban anything that has to do with the old Confederacy because of a historical link to racism, then pretty much every politician in our government, INCLUDING Barack Obama, should be forced to resign their positions. Most of these people’s families have been in politics for generations, and most of them are likely historically linked, via their own ancestors, to slave owners. Barack Obama’s maternal family owned slaves for crying out loud, is anyone seriously calling for him to resign? No of course not (at least not for that particular reason) and that is not because he is black! It is because, deep down, everyone knows that logically you cannot be blamed for something that happened more than 150 years before you were even born.

We need to stop allowing the propaganda that tells us this is a racist nation and it is all whitey’s fault and always will be. We need to come together, not as different races uniting under a single common cause, but as a single race of Americans coming together to stop the proliferation of lies and propaganda from destroying our country.