Yes, there is a bad moon rising, there is trouble on the way. For the past year or so I, and all of you surely, have been hearing an awful lot about racism and this strange concept called “white privilege”. First I am going to talk about this strange phenomenon of privilege, then I will dive into the racist rabbit hole we find ourselves immersed in lately.

Please, hold on to all your hate, bottle it up, and disperse it in the comments section if you must. Just read the whole fucking post first please. Thanks.

White privilege is a joke. Perhaps now, in your eyes, I have labelled myself some kind of racist by saying that, but it is what it is and I call it like I see it. I believe that the first time I heard that term was around the time that the #BlackLivesMatter movement was getting pissed off that some people were saying #AllLivesMatter. The term may have been floating around before then, but I had not heard it mentioned before until around this time last year.

“White privilege” does not have a dictionary definition, since it is not a real term, what I was able to find is basically a list of perks and advantages that white people get as a result of having white skin. Some of those advantages are apparently as follows:

  • When I cut my finger, the flesh colored bandage matches my skin tone. (huh?)
  • When I need pantyhose, the “nude” color matches my skin tone. (what?)
  • Complimentary hotel shampoos/conditioners generally work for my hair texture. (nope!)

Those are apparently some of the “perks” of having white skin, there are more listed here if you would like to learn how privileged you really are (if you are white) and how disadvantaged you really are (if you are not white).

Side note: I rolled my eyes so hard and so many times typing all of the above that it made my head hurt.

Let me just address those items in the list really quickly. Do you know how many different shades of white skin there are in existence, just in the U.S? I am “white”, but in reality, I am kind of a pale olive tone, why does this matter though? Because, those “skin tone” bandages don’t match my skin tone either! The same is true for pantyhose, if I wore them. Even the lightest shade of “nude” pantyhose makes me look like I spent some time with just my legs in a tanning bed. Not a great look, I assure you. As for the complimentary hotel hair care products? Please! Those products don’t work for anyone but business men who don’t care about what they wash their fucking hair with! There is nothing privileged about any of those things, and they are all completely incorrect.

Moving on, here are some of the advantages (which are somehow not the same as perks) of being white, according to the same website, Teaching Tolerance:

  • My skin color does not work against me in terms of how people perceive my financial responsibility, style of dress, public speaking skills, or job performance.
  • People do not assume that I got where I am professionally because of my race (or because of affirmative action programs).
  • Store security personnel or law enforcement officers do not harass me, pull me over or follow me because of my race.

Ok, where to begin on something that is so wrong it makes my head spin. I am an unemployed white woman, I was on welfare for ten years while my husband and I looked for work and got nothing! We jumped through hoops set up for us by the Social Services office just to get barely enough to scrape by on. If we were so privileged because of our whiteness, shouldn’t we have been able to find work? My skin color certainly did not help me or my husband find gainful employment. In fact, my husband found his job by chance and dumb luck, after years of applying all over the county and getting nowhere.

Furthermore, I have never once saw a black person working a cashier job, or a job at a bank, or stocking shelves and thought to myself, “that person only got their job because of their skin color”. Maybe there are actually racist white people who still believe that shit, but most of the whites in my generation are smarter than that. The workforce is highly competitive these days, with so many people looking for work, affirmative action no longer is a factor in who gets hired.

Store security do not harass or follow me because of my race, but they do follow me around the store if I am shopping without a cart and carrying my large purse/shopping bag with me, or wearing a large hoodie or coat. Just because I am white, does not make me any less likely to shoplift, at least not to store clerks where I live it doesn’t.

Are you seeing a problem yet? Or are you just sitting there reading my words and thinking to yourself “this white bitch is a racist”? Because if you chose the second answer, congratulations, you are part of a huge problem.

I am not a racist at all. I have never felt animosity toward someone of a different skin color than me solely based on that different skin color. I have felt animosity toward non-whites, but those occasions had nothing to do with the color of the person and everything to do with how that person just pissed me off. Whites and non-whites are capable of pissing me off equally, as I am sure is true for every person reading this post.

Let me illustrate for any naysayers, my skin color and yours have nothing to do with how people judge your manner of dress or speech. I have tattoos, hair almost to my ass and a certain way of speaking. Depending on what I was wearing at the time I have been called a hippy, a hipster, white trash and a snob. Not because I am white with long hair, tattoos, short shorts or no bra, but just because of those things on their own. Before I got my dental work done, my teeth were really messed up and people judged me based on that and thought me a meth addict. Again, not because of my white skin, but because of the area I live and the appearance of my teeth. “White privilege” never stopped any of that from happening.

Ok, now lets dive into racism. Real prejudice does exist out there in the world, but the media likes to paint a certain picture that does not accurately reflect the reality that we actually live in. There are plenty of actually racist white people out there, but there are just as many racist non-white people. But, wait, can’t only white people be racist? No, despite what MTV wants you to believe, anyone can be racist. In fact, saying only whites are racist is probably one of the most racist things I have heard recently.

A perfect example of racist non-whites would be the crowd of people on social media who verbally attack anyone who says that All Lives Matter, instead of just Black Lives. I have been called a racist for simply for stating my belief that we are all equal. The non-whites who have called me racist for that belief do not even seem to care that what people are saying is that every single life matters, no lives should be taken by anyone. That is not racism, that is called equality! Every life matters equally, regardless of the color of the persons skin, the amount of money in their checking account (if they have one), the clothes they wear, the career they chose, etc.

Before I go further, I would like to just set two videos down right here for your enlightenment.

The guy in the above video makes so many good points that it is no surprise that his video has gone viral over the past couple weeks. Let his words sink in, because he speaks the truth 100%. Black lives do matter! I am not saying that they don’t. But as the man in the video says, the Black Lives Matter crowd never talks about black on black crime that is responsible for more lost black lives than anything else. Gang activity, drugs, poverty, these things effect everyone of every skin color. How about these ladies?