In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, California is in the midst of an apocalyptic drought. <yes..that was some awful thick sarcasm.

The picture at the top of this post shows Lake Mendocino, and you can see the problem. We are going to be going into our fifth year of drought soon, unless this El Nino system all the weather people keep talking about actually happens. Lakes all over the state are drying up, many much worse than Mendocino.

On September 24, Sacramento CBS Local reported on Walker Lake, just west of Susanville, CA that had run dry literally overnight, leaving thousands of dead fish and an extremely confused town full of people. Read that article HERE

Business Insider published a gallery of images regarding the California Drought. (yes, we capitalize the word Drought now around here.) You can click HERE if you want to take a peek at some dry and barren wastelands that used to be lush and green not too long ago. They mention the dreaded megadrought that scientists have warned about. These mega droughts can apparently last 10-20 years! We are almost to year five, so let’s hope that we are not in store for another 15 years of no rain.

Ranchers have had to start selling off their cattle in California, as their graze land dries up and there is no grass. Hay prices have already been affected, and unable to feed their cows they are being forced to get rid of them.

Conservation efforts have been underway for a year, but there is really no solution without monumental amounts of rain being bestowed on California, and soon. The town of Willits, CA, a town near Lake Mendocino in Mendocino County, has about 89 days of water left if no rain falls in that time.

Other towns have already run out of water. In July of this year, the town of Mountain House in San Joaquin county was told they were having their water rights revoked. Outingdale in El Dorado county ran out of water in May of this year! This shit is getting real for a lot of people out there, and there are some people out there still concerned about watering their lawns!

We are really having a bad time over here in the Golden State. We have epic drought which is causing epic fire conditions, so we have had some pretty epic fires this year as well. Now we have a new worry with El Nino supposedly looming this winter and spring.

With all the drought and wildfires we have had recently, if we get too much rain too fast those burn scars are going to become a huge problem. The problem will of course be compounded when you factor in the drought packed soil that in many places is so dry it is cracking. Look what happened in southern Cali over the weekend.

Hwy 58 in Mojave, CA was a mess on October 17th when it rained so much in such a short amount of time that it caused a massive mudslide, literally burying cars and even big rigs up their windows in mud. An article by NPR featuring the mess left behind this weekend can be found HERE.

Yes, that is correct. At the same time we are in the middle of a massive drought we are also having flash flooding and mudslides at the other end of the state. It is starting to sound less crazy to talk about what might be the end of California.