Here we go, a nice hot button topic to jump into as I post for the first time in months. While this blog may fade into inactivity periodically, know that I am always lurking and watching the world around us, forming opinions and feeding the fire of my own outrage.

Consistently we see this series of events unfold:

Some lunatic pulls off a mass shooting on a “gun free zone” or, as I prefer to call them, SOFT TARGETS. Regardless of the perpetrator’s ethnicity, family background, criminal history, political/religious views or alignments the tragedies that we watch unfold on the TV or Internet always result in a massive push for “gun control”.

With the recent shooting in San Bernardino California at the Inland Regional Center we are seeing the same pattern repeat once again. We have the “liberal” left calling for stricter gun control, tougher background checks, banning certain types of weapons. What we need to ask ourselves, before we get caught up in the manufactured fear and outrage once again, is what difference will it actually make.

Stricter Gun Control for Cali?

They must have forgotten that California already HAS some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. In California there are  laws that make it illegal for convicted felons to own guns. It is illegal to own an automatic weapon in the state of California, and it is illegal to convert a semi-automatic weapon to fully automatic. In California we also have a law against having “high-capacity” clips; this means that clips within the state have to hold 10 rounds or fewer or it is a violation of our gun laws.

We in the Golden State cannot purchase firearms on the internet or at an out of state gun show and bring said firearms back home to California with us, as it is against the law to bring ANY guns into California from outside the state even IF you have a licensed gun dealer who can receive the shipment (this became illegal as of January 1, 2015).

Background on California State Laws lists several ways that California controls the citizen’s ability to access firearms.

Background Checks in California outlines the requirements to be met in order to legally purchase a firearm within California.

California law requires any prospective purchaser of (or transferee or person being loaned) a firearm to submit an application to purchase the firearm (also known as a “Dealer Record of Sale” or “DROS” form) through a licensed dealer to DOJ. The dealer must submit firearm purchaser information to DOJ on the date of the application through electronic transfer, unless DOJ makes an exception allowing a different format.2 The purchaser must present “clear evidence” of his or her identity and age to the dealer (either a valid California driver’s license or a valid California identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles).3 Dealers must obtain the purchaser’s name, date of birth, and driver’s license or identification number electronically from the magnetic strip on the license or ID card.4 This information cannot be supplied by any other means except as authorized by DOJ.5 Once this information is submitted, DOJ will check available and authorized records, including the federal NICS database, in order to determine whether the person is prohibited from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a firearm by state or federal law.6

So, with this information we are expected to believe that more, stricter, gun control measures will be successful where these have not? These laws did not prevent the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. These laws simply make it more difficult and inconvenient for people who care to obey laws to obtain what it is their right to own.

When a criminal buys a gun, does the government honestly believe that they go through all of those processes? Of course they don’t! This fact is one of the things that classifies a person as a criminal, someone who breaks the existing laws, yes? So why, then, do people say that we need stricter laws or more extensive background checks?

If I were a terrorist who wanted to pull off a mass killing, I seriously doubt my first stop would be the local gun store where I would provide all the required items and pay the required fees and then wait the required allotted time. Just sayin’.

Why Banning Guns Will Never Work

Besides the fact that the government would have to find a way to seize all existing firearms without starting a civil war in the process, there are plenty of other reasons why a total gun ban is not only out of the question, but completely ludicrous to even consider.

  1. Prohibition creates a black market. We have seen it before in history with the prohibition of alcohol, for instance. The government put out a complete ban on booze and what happened? Bathtub gin, underground pubs, bootleggers and moonshiners. Banning guns will only create a black market for gun runners to exploit.
  2. There are plenty of other things to kill with. When a person decides to kill someone, odds are they will use whatever they can get hold of. If a person cannot get a gun they could just as easily use a knife, shovel, hammer, baseball bat, crowbar, etc. If a person wants to kill a great many people at one time and they cannot get their hands on the firearms to do it with they could use homemade bombs (very easy DIY) or homemade chemical weapons (again, super easy DIY). Removing guns from the equation does not stop the violence, it only pushes murderers to become more creative.
  3. Most people know who will be the victims if guns are made illegal. Most people with common sense know that a good guy with a gun is the only sure defense against a bad guy with a gun. Even if you refuse to admit this ideology out loud, or even to yourself, it is true anyway because everyone knows that they can call the police. What are the police supposed to be? Good guys with guns to come to the rescue against bad guys right? Unfortunately, and especially in rural places such as my hometown, the police cannot always respond timely enough to be of much use. Reasonable and responsible people with guns of their own have proven, time and again, that we are capable of defending ourselves and our property from criminals until law enforcement can arrive.

I could probably go on and on, but you see the point if you have common sense.

The Solution

Instead of working to outlaw firearms or make it next to impossible for law abiding citizens to purchase guns and ammo we should be turning it around. Everyone who is willing to undergo background checks and mental evaluations before being allowed to own a gun shouldn’t be the ones fighting so hard for something that is the very next thing talked about in the Bill of Rights after freedom of speech!

I am sure there are many trolls out there who might try to argue, but the true solution to gun violence is what I like to call the “Old West Solution”. That is, everyone is armed so no one can attack.

Now before you start blowing a lot of hot air my way and beating your chest with moral outrage and PC vengence, think about it for second. A terrorist or mass murderer would have to have balls of steel to try and pull of any kind of attack when they knew that 8 out of 10 people they could see were carrying a loaded gun.

If said attacker did in fact have the steel balls required to make such an attempt, the attack would be a failure anyway because odds are someone in the vicinity would foil the bastard before too much harm could be done.

I am not saying we should just arm everyone to the teeth and turn them loose though, not at all! Courses for proper gun care, use and safety could be integrated into school curriculum and at an appropriate age the ability to pass a test and gain a License to Carry could be made available.

Arming people, with knowledge as well as weapons, is the only way that we can make this world a safe place once again. I will now leave this post with the audio of the Kurt Russell interview, because I think he gets it.