I sometimes spend time scouring the internet for doomsday prophecies and armageddon theories/conspiracies/conspiracy theories. Why? Because it is interesting how obsessed human beings are with our own demise, myself included. Every time, of course, these theories have turned out to be bunk. But no matter how many times I find one that never comes true, I cannot stop myself from looking for the next.

I am not the only one either. Otherwise, I would not be so successful in finding new and sometimes disturbing theories every time I decide to look. Last May it was planetary alignments causing catastrophic changes on Earth that could/would lead to the destruction of civilization, but didn’t. Back in December 1999 it was Y2K that had people losing their minds trying to prepare for some kind of technological apocalypse that never happened.

We have all the classics of course; asteroid impacts, World War III, biblical end times starring Jesus and the Antichrist, Nostradamus prophecies and now the prophecies of Baba Vanga which I already did a post about, a post that can be reached by clicking here.

Let’s face it, there is always a fresh prophecy telling us vaguely when we should kiss our asses goodbye. The Christian Bible has an entire section on the end of the  world, but no real information about when we should be expecting it. That is a factor that has helped would be doomsday predictors stir the pot of hysteria for generations.

This article from Inquistr.com outlines some of the new predictions for this year. It is an interesting read, if nothing else. Like all doomsday predictions, we just won’t know until we get there.