A couple days ago I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a link to this article on Conspiracy Club. It is a weird video for sure, and while some people think that there is a meaning or hidden messages in the video, I am not sure if it contains any kind of real message or if it was just some weirdo in an abandoned building. One thing we know for sure nowadays is if you give a person a video camera their inner freak sometimes decides to come out to play.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 9, 2015 but it did not go “viral” until a copy was mailed to Johnny Krahbichler, who runs a Swedish website called Gadgetzz.com. Being completely baffled by the video, he put it to the web to analyze the video for meaning.

There are references to the Black Death, strange noises in the background and disturbing imagery that flashes briefly across the screen. The creep factor starts out with the very title of the video, which is in Binary code. … 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101

In the area where a video description typically goes, there is only this:


According to the Conspiracy Club article as well as an article with the Daily Mail, both the title and description of the video form words. The title allegedly can be translated into a Spanish word that, when translated to English, means “Death” while the description again translates into a Spanish phrase: “Te queda 1 ano menos” which is roughly translated into English to say “you have one year less”.
The masked person in the video apparently had many messages to convey because throughout the video you will see this person making cryptic hand gestures, looking down, up and to each side as though in some kind of pattern and at one point the person opens up their hand to reveal some kind of blinking light/eye in their palm.

That is not all though. A Reddit user decided to check the audio of the video for any “hidden messages” as well, and they allegedly found that the sounds, when played through software to form a picture from the audio, turn into this:


Creepy right? Using the same software, this image of what appears to be a person being tortured flashes across the screen too quickly to catch when you are just watching the video. The phrase “you are already dead” also appears in this quick glimpse.

WeirdVideohidden message1.jpg

So, after all of that obviously creepy shit, someone decided to go ahead and break the video down frame by frame. The creepy shit just keeps coming with this gem though.

In the following screenshot, the red arrow is point to a line of code that appears very quickly in the playback of the video.


The line of code is, allegedly, coordinates to the White House. In the next frame, there is a line of morse code in the same spot which, when translated, reads: “Red Lips Like Tenth” which can be rearranged to read “Kill The President”.

WeirdVideohidden message 2

Authorities were apparently able to track down the location where the video was shot, which turned out to be the abandoned Zofiówka Sanatorium in Otwock, Poland. There is little other information however, and the identity of the person who made the video is unknown.

The Internet community has taken their sides, some calling it an elaborate prank while others believe it is a warning of some kind. Watch the video below for yourself and decide what you think it means, if anything at all.