Of course, it had to come to this. A blog post about the presidential race, a post about the incredulous theatre that is election year and the campaigns of candidates each more ridiculous and asinine than the last. To be quite honest, I do not support a single candidate. I think that if the entire nation wrote in Nobody on their ballot that it would be more effective than voting for one of these schmucks we have to choose from.

What if everyone did vote for Nobody for President? What would happen then? Would one of the ridiculous candidates win anyway? Or would we actually have found a way to stop this farce and remodel our government? Yea, probably not. I think it would simply be an eye opener for the people of the United States when, in the event that “Nobody” won the election, instead of actually having “Nobody” as POTUS we would see Hillary sworn in. Or maybe Bernie, or Cruz.

This post will not really cover the candidate’s political stances on the issues. For one thing, the campaign has really just started. For another, this post is not about the actual issues, this is just a bunch of my opinions on each candidate as a person.

I am not a Democrat. Neither am I a Republican. If I were to be forced to put a label on myself for political purposes I would have to say I am a Libertarian verging on Anarchist. So, there is my political affiliation right there. I am about as unbiased a blogger as I can be. Some of the candidates I have a strong opinion on, and some I really don’t even know that much about so some of these guys and gals will have a longer mention than others, who may not be mentioned at all.

Let’s take a peek at the options, shall we? Republicans first, because why not?

Marco Rubio

This guy. What is there really to say? To start with, the dude is from Florida. Maybe it is small minded of me, but I have had a disdain for the state of Florida ever since the 2000 election. My disdain turned to contempt in 2011 when Casey Anthony got away with, at the very least, hiding the corpse of her toddler daughter and, at the very worst, murdering said toddler daughter. So, there is one mark against Rubio right out of the gate in my opinion.

I am going to paste a video example below. The video clip is from the recent Republican debate in New Hampshire on Saturday, February 6th. Rubio starts out really strong when he is asked to explain what his accomplishments are as a first term senator. He starts out talking about Obama and his systematic assault on everything our country has ever been or stood for. Then….well, regurgitation is a apt description of what followed.

If you missed the debate on Saturday, as I did, then please. Take a few minutes and watch this video clip.

Seriously? Ouch.

So Rubio is an inexperienced schlep who only has one point to make. Repeating yourself over and over is not an effective way to drive your point home, as I tell my 10 year old nearly every day.

Chris Christie

The tongue twister of his name aside, I chose to filet Christie next because I felt a little too supportive of him after he called out Rubio on the “25 second memorized speech” fiasco. As governor of New Jersey since 2010, Christie definitely has the experience in leadership that he so unabashedly lampooned Rubio for not having.

Christie’s campaign website carries the slogan “Chris Christie for President: Telling it like it is”. Well, OK, but how accurate is that slogan? To be honest I really do not know that much about Christie. He has not been in the forefront of the Monster Media like other mainstream candidates have been. One shallow reason I have for disliking him is how it sounds when I say “President Christie” out loud.

You may say “Come now Ruby, that is no reason to dislike a Presidential candidate.” Well, perhaps not, but it is what it is and I just cannot see this guy as POTUS.

Jeb Bush

Do I even need to go into why this guy is NOT a good pick? Yes? Ok, three words are all I need: his brother, George. Also, he was the governor of Florida during the 2000 election when George one by recount, giving birth to a 15 year olds disdain of a state she had never been to. We were so eager to be rid of George back in 2008 when his second term came to an end. Why on Earth would we vote for his shady brother eight years later?

We had Papa Bush in the eighties and early nineties. We had Junior Bush in the early 2000s. Is this family some kind of political royalty that they think they should get another go now? Enough Bushes, let’s prune that family back a bit and NOT vote for another one this decade, mmkay? Just the thought of another President Bush so soon makes me want to puke, quite frankly.

Dr. Ben Carson

Yea, I threw his title on there because, let’s face it, you don’t become a Dr. just to be called Mr. Ben Carson right? As a retired neurosurgeon turned politician we can at least be sure that he was intelligent at one time and may still be so. That is a mark in his favor considering the  detached ignorance with which many politicians address the people and our concerns. He is a smart guy, his time on Fox News notwithstanding, so one point to him.

Ted Cruz

I really, really, inexplicably despise Ted Cruz. There is just something about it that screams “Not this guy!”. For one thing, this is the guy who went to filibuster and read a damn Dr. Seuss book…he is long winded, he is pompous and he just comes off as a bit of an ass.

He also shares a bit in common with the current POTUS in that he was not technically born in the U.S. Although Cruz’s mother was an American citizen when Teddy was born, he was born in Canada. This seems like an omen. Do we want another President whose very citizenship is open to debate?

Carly Fiorina

The Token Female Republican candidate. While she has never actually held a political office, that is not at issue in this presidential race. Neither has Trump, and Rubio just started his political career with his first term as senator. Obviously, experience is not a requirement for this election. She does share common ground of sorts with Donald Trump. She is a businesswoman, former CEO of Hewlett Packard and “thoroughly educated in Business Administration and Marketing” according to her info page on the Republican Candidates webpage.

I actually kind of like her, what I know of her at least. I really like what she had to say in this clip from Jan. 28 in Iowa, check it out.

As a female, according to some, I would end up in a specially reserved spot in Hell if I do not at least consider a female candidate, and I definitely cannot even think of supporting the liar, so here is my female pick.

Donald Trump

This guy is a volatile one, isn’t he? But, if someone were to put a gun to my head and tell me to pick a Republican candidate or get shot, I think I would pick him. He is crass and obnoxious and sometimes vulgar, but he is real. First point in Trump’s favor? He is not a politician! Politicians are sub-human lifeforms at best and dangerously insane and power hungry at worst. Trump is a businessman before a politician, and I think after hundreds of years of electing politicians to lead our country that maybe it is time for a change.

Do I think Donald Trump is an ideal candidate? No, not really. But who is? They are all lying scumbags with ulterior motives and promises that they will never really fulfill. We have to have learned by now that we cannot trust any of these people any farther than we could throw grand piano.

One of the main reasons that I like Trump is the very fact that the establishment hates him so much. Anyone “big brother” hates, I tend to love. So there that is. Not saying it is a correct standpoint, but it is mine and I will own it all the same.

So I mentioned all of the Republican candidates that I felt were worth mentioning. Looking at the website which lists all of the candidates for the Republican party, I do realize that I did not cover nearly a fraction of them all. 2016 Republican Candidates

Now on to the Democratic candidates.

Hillary Clinton

Yea, I am going to go ahead and start with this…..woman. I just have to get her out of the way and get the bad taste out of my mouth. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mrs. Clinton has a lot of damn nerve even running for President at this point in her career. A well-known liar in the pockets of large corporations she would have to be the absolute worst pick for POTUS imaginable.

But let us, for the time being, set aside her potential future felon status and focus only on her character for a moment. I, and many others, cannot seem to find even one redeeming quality about this troll witch. It is safe to say that I am an absolutely adamant Hillary Hater 100%.

As a strong supporter of our Constitutional Rights (yea, I capitalized that shit) I find it impossible to also be a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I do not believe that stricter gun laws are the answer to the problem of gun violence in this country, and her plans to use “executive action” once elected in order to create new gun restrictions sounds way too reminiscent of Obama’s presidency to allow.

We do not need another President who uses the totalitarian power of the pen to get around the checks and balances system that our government is supposed to be controlled with. That coupled with her tendency to lie and cover up her lies just seals the deal in my view. Hillary does not belong in the oval office, she belongs in prison.

Bernie Sanders

I, unlike many of my peers, do not “Feel the Bern”. Bernie Sanders is giving off the impression, to me at least, that he is all promises and no delivery. His extravagant campaign promises are bordering on manic. He just wants to give out a bunch of free stuff. Why should we be surprised by that thought? He is, after all, a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist.

Here is Bernie Sander’s thoughts on democratic socialism:


According to Dictionary.com, this is the definition of democratic socialism:

a form of socialism with a democratic government; the ownership and control of the means of production, capital, land, property, etc., by the community as a whole – combined with a democratic government

So, maybe Bernie likes some aspects of that political theology but perhaps he should not label himself with that term if that is not what he means.

Is Sanders a better pick that Clinton? Absolutely! But, as it stands, I would vote for my cat before I would ever dream of casting a vote for Hillary.

Another thing I dislike about Bernie is his tendency to yell at his audience. When he gets animated he starts to look like a scary old man who lives under a bridge, ranting and raving like a lunatic.

There are 20 Democratic candidates listed at 2016 Democratic Candidates (five of which have withdrawn from the race) but somehow Sanders and Clinton are the only two really receiving any attention. We have this large panel of well known Republicans and two Democrats that are being acknowledged by the mainstream media.

So there it is, my unsolicited opinion on the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Who are your favorites for each party? Do you like any of them or, like me, are you just looking for the one you hate the least? Let me know in the comments! I am interested in different points of view on this stuff.