I have been a member of the social media, life sucking giant Facebook since 2009 when MySpace finally took a backseat to the newer, and somehow more popular social media platform. I didn’t want to leave MySpace, in fact, I thought Facebook was pretty lame. No personalization, no customization, just a bunch of white page with a bunch of shit shared by other people, but whatever, it is what it is and I followed the trend of the times.

Since 2009 I have ‘liked’ many a page, joined many a group and added many a friend. In all of this time I have seen several pages and people post about how Facebook has censored their posts. Most of these pages and people who have these issues are pages that are dedicated to conspiracy theory, or anti-government stuff. However, recently it must have been stepped up a notch because it has finally happened to little ole’ me.

First, last week I was kicked out of my Facebook account on my PC. When I attempted to log back in I got a message that said my computer was being affected by malware and that if I wanted to access my account again then I would have to clean my computer. They even ‘conveniently’ offered me a software application download directly from Facebook that would do it for me. Yea, right.

Don’t worry, I did not download what they were pushing on me. Instead I cleaned my computer out with Avast Antivirus, Spybot Search & Destroy and Malwarebytes. It took about five hours on Saturday, after all was said and done, to clean my computer.

After I was able to access my account again, I thought that would be the end of my issues. Nope.

I found out shortly that I was unable to share certain posts. These posts were flagged by Facebook when I attempted to share them as ‘malware’. I will not go into specifics as to the content of the things that I attempted to share, as I plan on another blog post dedicated to just those things, however I am going to tell you that the source of those items I was blocked from sharing are decidedly not malware. I am pretty sure that KQED, an affiliate of the PBS, is not a malware website.

Neither is the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat news website, or several others that I have tried to share from in the past week but was blocked from doing so. However, I have not gotten a warning that any of the ridiculous and pointless, but still funny, memes that I share are malicious. Nor have any of the stupid, but hilarious, videos.

So, from now on, when something I try to share on Facebook gets blocked as “malware” even though it is absolutely not, I will simply find another way to share it as I am doing now. This blog started as a creative outlet for a budding writer. It has now become an outlet for my First Amendment that social media seems intent on stifling.

Have you ever been censored by social media? Banned from posting for some obscure and most likely manufactured reason? Let me know in the comments. Let’s not let them shut us up.