It recently came to my attention that there are a lot of people out there on the Interweb who believe that the Earth is actually flat. You know, like people did 600 years ago? I thought it was a joke at first, I mean who really believes this? We have proof, don’t we?

But the more I looked into it, the more my inner Mulder came out and and I am pretty sure my inner Scully died of neglect years ago. Do I believe the Earth is flat? Not at this time. But also, I cannot discount the theory just because it sounds totally bonkers, because that is not the principle that I live by. I keep an open mind in ALL things, and that means ALL, no cherry picking here.

So while I do not 100% believe this theory, I do not want to consider myself a heliocentric either. I mean, really, who actually told us the Earth is a sphere anyway? I was not with Christopher Colombus in the 1400s, so therefore I cannot say with certainty that he came up with the idea.

That also holds true for any historical event. I was not alive then, and if I was alive then in some other incarnation of myself I have not yet reached the level of enlightenment required to remember those past lives, so therefore I cannot say with certainty that anything we have been told is the truth, since I was not personally there to witness it with my own two eyes, to the best of my knowledge.

The Theory

Ok, so some people, including celebrity conspiracy theorists Tila Tequila and rapper B.O.B (aka Bobby Ray Simmons) believe that the theory of a round Earth is a lie put in place to trick us into believing in things that are not real. Why?

This is where the theory starts to lose me, because it roots itself in scripture and mumbo jumbo that I just cannot condone in my head.

So, in the world of conspiracy theory, the ultimate conspiracy is the Illuminati. The secret society that runs the entire world, every government and every corporation from the shadows. According to the flat earth theorists, the Illuminati is the main player behind the lie of a spherical planet. Why would they want us to believe the Earth is a sphere if it isn’t?

Because they are a satanic cabal that is hell bent on world domination and perpetuating their many nefarious lies, I suppose. There are many theories covering just the “why” alone.

It seems, however, that the main point of this theory is not even why they would lie to us. People are buying into this idea simply because they figure that the government and NASA and everyone lies to us on a daily basis anyway, so why would they NOT lie about space, the planet, the moon, etc? Here is one video that goes over this information.


OK, so that is one of the Pro-Flat Earth videos. Here is an Ant-Flat Earth video. (For the record, the Flat Earth People call people who believe the Earth is a sphere Heliocentrics, LOL, I don’t know why but I love that word)


I have watched all manner of videos both for and against this theory and the one thing everyone who is for the theory has in common is their dispute with the line of the horizon. They claim that their is no curve to the horizon. Unfortunately I cannot argue for or against that claim because I live in an area surrounded by tall mountains, and for me the horizon is just a bunch of mountaintops in the distance in every direction I look.

However, given the scale in size between the planet and us humans who live on it, I would have to say that logically speaking we would not be able to tell the shape of the planet either way by looking at the horizon. Think about it, compared to the Earth we are tiny, miniscule little creatures. We are like ants on a giant ball, or plane depending on which truth you subscribe to. So, do you think that an ant can tell the shape of whatever object you put it on, if the scale of size discrepancy is large enough?

One more video, because I really liked this one.

Yea, that was my favorite video on the subject so far. I like that guy.

So, is the Earth flat or is it a globe?  Are you a heliocentric or a flat-earther?