I am, admittedly, not a person who follows Supreme Court rulings like a religion. However, any self-respecting American citizen knows that the Supreme Court is the highest ranking court in the land. It stands to reason that if an official from the highest court in the land dies under mysterious, or even slightly questionable, circumstances that there would be questions raised, an investigation undertaken and answers sought, before embalming the person and preparing for the funeral, right?

Well, not in the case of Judge Antonin Scalia, who died at a “celebrity ranch” in Texas on February 13, 2016. Conspiracy theories have abounded since the announcement of the death of Judge Scalia on Saturday. It is all over social media and truther websites that there is something fishy about the death of this judge.

What We Know

Judge Antonin Scalia was a uber-conservative Supreme Court Justice who believed in the U.S. Constitution and upholding it’s original intentions. He was a staunch Second Amendment supporter and was one of the main blocks to most of this administrations agendas in the Supreme Court. You can read about Judge Scalia’s extensive career and accomplishments here, if you don’t mind Wikipedia. I have also posted a link to the Biography of Antonin Scalia at the bottom of this article.

On February 12, Judge Scalia spent the day quail hunting and fishing at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. His body was found in bed the next morning with a pillow over his head by the ranch owner, John B. Poindexter. It was immediately declared that he had died of natural causes, but the person who made that declaration was not even there on the scene to view the body or the circumstances in which it was found. No, instead she was told by a Texas Ranger who was not a trained detective that there was “no foul play observed”. So this Judge declared that he had died of “natural causes” and there was no need for an autopsy or investigation.

The body was immediately transported and embalmed, destroying any toxicological evidence that may or may not have been present in his system. Very suspicious circumstances to say the least, in this writer’s opinion.

The reports later changed from “natural causes” to “myocardial infarction” or a heart attack, but there was no medical examination to make this determination, so what evidence did they use to decide that he had died of a heart attack?

The Fishy Factor

This man was an official with the highest court that exists in the U.S. Why would his death, away from home and under mysterious circumstances, not be investigated? If a Circuit Court Judge died on the a camping trip the coroner would be called, an autopsy completed and nothing would be left to chance. Even if this judge did die of natural causes, the way it was handled is highly suspicious and strange.

I am not even saying that it is strange that he died. Not at all. The man was 79 years old and had been serving on the Supreme Court since 1986. I am sure his blood pressure was high and his stress levels were higher. However, it is absolutely strange that no medical examiner was called, no coroner showed up on the scene to examine his body. That is just not typical procedure for the discovery of any dead body, regardless of who the person is or how their body appears.

The Presidio County Justice of the Peace, Judge Guevara, decided cause of death over the phone! How does that even work and not get questioned? It doesn’t! So regardless of how Judge Scalia’s life ended, the way it has been handled is what is fueling and feeding these “conspiracy theories” about his murder.


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