Politicians are pretty out of touch and, in many cases, completely ignorant of all facts of life. People say that kind of stuff all the time, it is practically common knowledge right? Well, some of them are more blissfully unaware of biology and reproduction than a newborn baby.

I am sure you remember the infamously stupid words of Todd Akin in 2012, and if not, well allow me to refresh your memory before we get into this new stupidity. So four years ago, give or take, Todd Akin was a Republican representative for the state of Missouri. He made some particularly stupid remarks regarding rape and pregnancy.

Attempting to explain his stance on abortion he said that women who are “going through a legitimate rape” are able to block pregnancy  biologically…somehow. Yea, he actually said it. First of all, what the hell does “legitimate rape” mean? Are some rapes somehow more legit than others?

But we are not here to discuss some stupid comment made by a former politician four years ago right? So let’s get to the point of this post. Pete Nielsen, Republic representative in Idaho was caught leaking stupidity during a House State Affairs committee meeting. The meeting was about a bill that would require providers pf abortion to inform patients of their right to have an ultrasound procedure done and to hear a fetal heartbeat before going through with the procedure.

Basically, the bill’s purpose is to try and talk patients into NOT getting an abortion by creating guilt and subversively shaming the woman into changing her mind. That is really neither here nor there, this article is not about my stance on abortion so I will not comment on what I think of a bill like that.

Enter Pete Nielsen, who in one fell swoop reminded the entire nation that his generation graduated from school before Sex Ed was a thing.

I’m under the understanding that in many cases of rape, it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the situation … that may be true with incest a little bit

So, in Pete Nielsen’s mind at least, women have a natural built in defense system against bearing the progeny of their rapist! That’s cool, except it is also biologically incorrect. While in some cases stress can affect fertility, the stress of being rapes or molested by a family member or stranger is not necessarily the right kind of “stress” to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

For crying out loud, if that were anywhere in the same neighborhood as possible then women could just use their own mind power as birth control! What universe do these people live in and how the hell did someone so stupid end up in a position of power or authority of any kind?

Rep. Nielsen claims that he gained this knowledge before he was a lawmaker but he cannot remember where he read it. Worse still, on the Wikipedia page for this guy the only information available besides his election history is this statement:

On February 25, 2016, Nielsen claimed that women who are raped or victims of incest are less likely to become pregnant, “Being a father of five girls, I’ve explored this a lot.

What the actual F*@#K does that even mean?! As the father of five girls he has explored whether or not rape and incest can result in pregnancy? Dude…backpedal quick! People like this make laws in this country! People VOTED for this guy, which begs the question: What the hell is wrong with voters in Idaho?

We are in serious need of a cleansing of our political playing field in this country.

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