This will be a series of articles posted separately because to do otherwise would likely result in a blog post longer than a book. I will be touching on pretty much every “out there” theory  in existence EXCEPT the flat earth theory. Keep in mind these are all theories, as is every assumption that gets made about what took place in ancient times since none of us were actually there to see it all go down. That being said, please enjoy.

Whether you are religious or not you have almost certainly heard or read the story of Genesis at some point in your life. Pretty much everyone has right? We have all heard the story about how  Adam and Eve were created in God’s image. Adam was made from dust and Eve was spawned from Adam’s rib bone, yada yada yada.

But that story is not actually the “original” creation story, more like a spinoff or a reboot of the original. A remake, if you like. Where did the story originate and what details were changed for the Bible stories that we have all heard before? This post is going to explore the alternate version that came long before the one in the Bible.

First, some historical recap though. If you studied ancient history in school then you must know a little bit about Mesopotamia. It was the first recorded civilization of mankind to have currency, agriculture, society, etc. After the year 2000 B.C. the area, which is modern day Iraq, would come to be called Babylon but before that it was Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers.

Now here is where we are going to divert from conventional history and go down into the rabbit hole and learn a different story.

The Sumerians

While the exact origins of the Sumer people are unknown, they came to Mesopotamia in about 4,000 B.C. They are believed to have come from the East, by sea or perhaps from the highlands. To help you form an idea of where in the world we are discussing, check out this map.


I like this map because it shows the modern names as well as the ancient ones, so it is just a bit more comprehensive. You can see Sumer in the southern part of Mesopotamia, near the Persian Gulf. By 3100 B.C. the population had increased to the point that most people were living in cities.

There is not a lot of information available about the Sumerians, as they concentrated their recording efforts more for recording the links between the people and their gods rather than recording the accomplishments and history of the people themselves. What is known about the Sumerian’s as a people is outlined quite nicely at this website Sumer – Ancient History Encyclopedia

However, my goal is not to talk about the ancient people of Sumer but rather of their writings, which have sparked many theories in the modern era about where we really come from and what our true purpose on this planet originally was.

The Annunaki

It is known, based on what was left behind to be discovered by archaeologists in modern times, that the ancient Sumerians were an advanced ancient civilization with a great deal of knowledge about many things. One of those things was astronomy and our solar system.

Of the several clay tablets that have been recovered from archaeological digs in the area, one was found that named Earth as the 7th planet in a solar system that included Pluto. Yes that’s right, this 6,000 year old ancient civilization somehow knew about Pluto. Many believe that they gained this knowledge from their gods, who lived among the people and may have been extraterrestrials themselves.

The Sumerian Alien theory can be traced back to a tablet found in Nippur, which was an ancient city founded in 5000 BC. According to mythology, human-like, extra-terrestrial beings ruled over the earth. These beings were referred to as gods, and they had the power to travel through the sky. While on earth, these beings would dig into the planet’s soil to make it habitable and to gather resources. Some say that the Sumerians were here simply to mine for gold.

The Role of the Sumerian Aliens –

In the mythology, the gods decided to create a worker to help with the strenuous task of mining the land for resources. A god was sacrificed and that god’s blood was mixed with clay to create the first human, in their image. The king of the gods was named Anu, and the extraterrestrial group of gods, Anu’s children, were called the Annunaki.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian text, there is a place called Eden which is described as the garden of the gods. It is this place that was apparently the location for the creation of man. Are we noting the similarities to the later stories in the Christian bible?

Also according to the mythology, these first creations were unable to reproduce until Enki and his sister Ninki altered them in some way to make reproduction possible. This move apparently caused conflict among the gods, some of which did not approve of the tampering with the creations. It is believed by many that it was this conflict that led to the departure of the Annunaki from Earth.

Of course, we must also take into account that the ancient Sumerians were not the only ancient civilization to believe that gods came from the sky, or the heavens. They are also not the only ancient civilization to have a strong tie to astronomy and astrology. Most of the advanced civilizations of ancient times had similar stories and theories.

The Nephilim

Here is another term that is familiar from being mentioned in the Christian Bible. In ancient Sumerian texts the Nephilim are described as having come from a distant planet and colonized this world some 400,000 years before. In the Bible these beings are referred to as the “sons of God”.

Their home planet was apparently suffering from the erosion of their atmosphere, and they had come to Earth in order to mine gold and other minerals to repair their damaged atmosphere. In case you have not yet guessed, the home planet is Nibiru. This planet, according to the texts, is on an elliptical orbit that brings it into our area of the solar system only every 3,000 years or so.

According to the texts, the Nephilim created humans about 100,000 after colonization as a race of workers. Humans were created by genetically modifying Earth primates, adding the DNA of the Nephilim to create an intelligent race that would still be subservient to their overlords.

However, it is believed that some of these alien leaders were in disapproval of the interbreeding of the humans and the Nephilim and decided to withhold information of an impending disaster involving Nibiru that would cause the Great Flood on Earth. One of the Annunaki must have taken it upon himself to warn at least one of the humans, however, and this is where the story of Noah’s Ark originated.

Everything You Know is Wrong

Below is a Fox News interview with Lloyd Pie, author of the book Everything You Know is Wrong .


I will leave this part as it is, in the next installment I will get into the Reptilians and how they connect to humanity. If you have anything to add to this theoretical historical account please do so in the comments.