So far in this series I have covered our alien creators the Annunaki, the subterranean Reptilians that live in the Hollow Earth, and Secret Societies whose goal is to control the globe from the shadows. You can catch up on these concepts by reading each installment of my Down the Rabbit Hole series of articles.

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Before you proceed in this article it is important that you have read the first three as I will be mentioning topics previously covered. Also, a warning, the theory discussed in this article could be disturbing to some people and, if it is true, completely changes the game for humanity. Don’t read further if you can’t handle the possibility that we have been sold to another species by our own.

The Deal

First off, let me just express how difficult it is to weed through all of this craziness on the internet. There are some who believe that the Illuminati and the Reptilians are one and the same. Others believe that the Illuminati leaders are human, that there are reptilian members of high rank and that they work together for the secret control of the world. Still others believe that, while the reptilians are physically either deep below the ground, on another planet or even (in some theories) on another plain of existence altogether, that they are possessing human bodies of important people here on Earth.

I have come across one working theory that is slightly more…logical (?) than the others, although the implications are pretty far out and quite upsetting to say the least. Some parts of this theory involve other theories that have been popular in conspiracy circles for a long time and other stuff is newer, within the last ten to twenty years. This theory goes with the idea that the Annunaki (sic) left this planet to the humans when they had completed their mining operation. They returned home to Nibiru, which was on its way out of the inner solar system on its elliptical orbit.

The humans then took the planet as their own and human history continued onward. At some point, the theory is, a group of humans discovered the reptilians in their underground domain. This group of humans supposedly consisted of thirteen families that hungered greedily for power over other human beings. The Reptilians (in this theory they are often referred to as the Vril) were from underground, and as such they knew where to find precious jewels and metals. So a deal was struck.

The Vril began providing these families with riches from deep in the Earth and in exchange the Vril were allowed, by these powerful families, to take as many “lesser” humans as they wished for whatever purposes they wanted. This deal has apparently stood to this day, in conjunction with the same families from those thirteen bloodlines that make up the highest ranks of the Illuminati cabal. Most of the time they simply feed on us, as they are carnivorous and humans are a plentiful food source.


Yea…I know…it is crazy right? But is it any crazier than other theories that have been proven true in the past? Not really. Think about all the unexplained disappearances of human beings since history began being recorded. What could be happening to so many people every single day of every year of every decade? Why are so many of them never found, no trace ever seen again? Sure, sometimes a cold case is solved when the remains are finally found hidden deep in the woods in a shallow grave, or some other equally macabre discovery usually made by hikers or hunters.

But for every one that is eventually discovered, there are thousands that are not…ever. A plausible explanation for the failure to ever recover any trace of so many missing people is that the remains have been entirely consumed or have been taken to places humans don’t, or can’t, go.

But wait, not all of the people who get taken by these creatures get consumed. According to this horrifying theory there are other uses for people they take. Check out these three videos on the subject of Human Cloning.


Things to Remember

There is, literally, zero proof for any of this which is what makes it such an intriguing theory. Do I believe that everything about this theory? I cannot say yes, obviously, because I cannot fully believe in anything without something concrete to confirm the entire truth of it. However, I cannot say no either, not if I am being honest. This article I am going to end with a couple more Youtube videos on the topic of human cloning, and of course I encourage you to research on your own and reach your own truth. The next installment will be covering the flood of Revelations-esque end times material popping up on Youtube in recent months.