Another vaccine has been outed as being ineffective (and therefore unnecessary by default in this writer’s opinion), this time by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The admission was made in a research article that was published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, a medical journal.

The article cited a case in Florida in 2013 where 39 people came down with pertussis and only 5 had not received the entire round of pertussis vaccine. There were 26 preschoolers, two staff members and 11 family members who fell ill. In fact, that was what prompted the study in the first place, all but 5 of these individuals were fully vaccinated against pertussis and yet…this still happened.

It is common, whenever there is an “outbreak” of a “preventable” [through vaccination] illness, for the unvaccinated masses to be blamed out of hand. These unvaccinated people roam around picking up contagions that they could have been protected against and spreading these diseases to the properly vaccinated and therefore protected…..wait, what?


See how silly that looks when it is just laid out right in front you? Just the very fact that vaccinated people are able to contract these illnesses should be enough evidence for even the most uneducated person to conclude that vaccines do not work. But more than that, sometimes recently vaccinated people can actually be contributing to the spread of the illness themselves.

Here is a scenario for you: someone has just gotten vaccinated for measles, maybe by mandate of their job, who knows. They go and visit their sister who happens to have a newborn baby. But hey, it’s alright because they just got vaccinated right? But then a week or two later, the sister’s infant is diagnosed with measles! No one can figure out how this exposure happened, but it is blamed on germs that she probably unknowingly exposed her baby to while picking up her toddler from preschool. All those filthy, germy kids of anti-vaxxers!

There you go, I just outlined how these things happen. That is not speculation, that is logic and reasoning being used to break down the chain of events in a hypothetical scenario that could easily be a real life one.

According to the CDC article, the number of reported cases of Pertussis in 2000 was 7,687. By 2012 that number had risen to 48,277, but instead of just blaming the unvaccinated as per usual they went ahead and admitted that vaccine waning could be a “contributing factor” to this rise. The sarcasm is hopefully dripping from that last statement as I intended.

“Reports of genetic changes in circulating B. pertussis have raised concern that this organism could be adapting to vaccine-induced immunity,” the authors wrote. “Given these reports and the increased levels of circulation of pertussis among older age groups with documented waning of immunity, further monitoring of acellular pertussis vaccine performance in preschool-age children is necessary to determine if this outbreak was an isolated finding or possibly identification of an emerging epidemiologic trend.”

Citing 2013 outbreak in Florida, CDC says strength of whooping cough vaccine may be waning | Fox News January 13, 2016

This is not the only vaccine to be confirmed to be ineffective. In this article from VacTruth, you can read an in depth list of 17 examples of vaccine failure. Additionally, it was only a few short weeks ago that I wrote the post about the developer of the HPV vaccines coming clean back in 2009.

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