The topic of this post is not a conspiracy theory. This is a factual, annual event. I included it in this series, however, because the gathering itself has a certain creep factor and secrecy that delegates it to the Rabbit Hole.

This summer, in the forest of the California Bay Area, a bunch of rich and powerful men will gather once again for their two weeks of frivolous, carefree frolicking. It is where the rich and powerful go to play and “relive summer camp” according to some. But what are they really doing out there in this “Boy’s Only Club”?

That’s right, to this day there are “No Girl’s Allowed” at Bohemian Grove, what’s up with that? Why are there not groups of rich and powerful women raising a fuss about this club where women are actively Not Allowed? In a world where feminism has made it politically incorrect for Men to not include Women based on their sex, this creepy rich man’s club is not a subject to the new rules of the politically correct land. They even refused to hire female employees at the Grove until they were forced to do so by the court system after a lawsuit was filed for sexual discrimination.

Maybe because no self respecting female, regardless of wealth, power or privilege, would want to participate in the weird rituals that go on out there every year in Mid-July. Or perhaps the participants are ashamed enough to not want the women in their lives to be witness to the weirdness. Of course, the wealthy weirdos are allowed to bring spouses and family members of the female persuasion for the private events, but even then the women must be gone from the camp by 10pm. What the f*ck? You have to admit it is a weird rule for a bunch of grown ass men to have and enforce.

Many things go on at Bohemian Grove, including but not limited to the development of business dealings and government policies. Described as the most famous occurrence of this practice is the meeting that took place in September of 1942 regarding the Manhattan Project. The meeting lead to the subsequent development of the atomic bomb, and that is just one example.

This traditional summer camp event began in 1872, six years after the Bohemian Club was formed. It allegedly began as a send off party when founding member and stage actor Henry Edwards decided to relocate to New York in order to further his career. They gathered again in the woods a year after after his departure and the encampment gathering became an annual event.

The club’s mascot is an owl and at the gathering every year the members perform a ritual at the foot of a massive Owl statue. The ceremony is called the Cremation of Care. The members say goodbye to “dull care” and throw an effigy of a small human form into the fire. Many people have theorized that the small effigy is meant to be a child’s corpse, and many others have speculated that there was a time that the effigy was an actual corpse, a human sacrifice. Still others maintain the belief that it is not and has never been an effigy, but a real human child sacrifice thrown on the fire to this day.

Throughout the years many people have attempted to sneak into the Grove gathering, only to be thwarted by security guards and arrested for trespassing at the private event. Those that claim to have actually gotten inside describe some very strange and disturbing behavior by the rich and powerful leaders in attendance. Naked frolicking, outdoor homosexual encounters, and crossdressing are only some of the things described as taking place there.

This could be a completely innocent, if decadent and weird, gathering of rich creeps. Or it could be something far more sinister, thanks to the secrecy surrounding the yearly event speculation runs wild. I personally would at least like to know if they performed this fire ritual during the years of drought California has been experiencing and the wildfire risk that has been ever increasing.