We have, by now, likely all seen the information floating around out there about fluoride being a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, as well as it being one of many chemicals lacing most municipal tap water. That is a major problem, but this post is going to focus more on the fluoride that is pushed by the dental industry on their patients, on top of all of that other bad exposure.

You have likely used toothpaste with fluoride in it for most of your life, do you remember being a little kid and having your parents tell you that you are not to swallow the toothpaste, always spit? It even says on the tube that it is not meant to be swallowed. Fluoride toothpaste is definitely not meant to be ingested, even though we already swallow gallons of fluoride a year by drinking tap water.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fluorosis is caused by having too much intake of fluoride components in the early years of live when a person’s teeth are first being formed. The CDC says that only children aged 8 years or younger are at risk for developing fluorosis from too much fluoride exposure because that is when the permanent teeth are forming beneath the gums. But wait, when my sons were babies the pediatricians pushed and pushed and pushed me to give them fluoride drops, even though the water is fluoridated and they were not even old enough to brush what teeth they had at that time.

I filled the prescriptions but I never put the drops in my kids drinks because I never felt right about it. I just filled them, and threw them away immediately and told the pediatricians that I was giving it to my kids. Why did I lie to my children’s doctors? Simple. They were making every effort to impress on me how important the fluoride drops were, however even back then I was an avid internet researcher. It did not take long to discover that we are all already exposed to this chemical in our drinking water and too much exposure for children of a certain age is dangerous for their oral health.

When I first discovered Fluorosis, read about what it does and viewed pictures of effected teeth I knew that it was real just by taking a quick look in the mirror at my own adult teeth. According to WebMD the symptoms of severe fluorosis are as follows:

  • Stains ranging from light yellow to dark brown
  • Surface irregularities
  • Pits that are highly noticeable

…But there are other causes of fluorosis. For example, taking a higher-than-prescribed amount of a fluoride supplement during early childhood can cause it. So can taking a fluoride supplement when fluoridated drinking water or fluoride-fortified fruit juices and soft drinks already provide the right amount… – WebMD

As a child I was taken to the dentist regularly, and while there I was always given the mouthpiece full of fluoride foam to hold in my mouth for a seemingly eternal amount of time. I also used toothpaste and brushed my teeth three times a day my entire life. This did not prevent my teeth from rapidly deteriorating in my late teens and early twenties. By the age of 28 I had decided that full extraction and prosthetic teeth were my only solution. I was born in Sacramento CA, grew up in and around the area of Northern California where most municipal water is fluoridated. There is also fluoride added to most juices and soft drinks, as well as bottled water. You can say, without a doubt, that I had full exposure to fluoride my entire life, and not only did it not prevent tooth decay, it may have sped it up.

Isn’t it strange that they push fluoride supplements on children in their early years, even though there is absolutely enough exposure to fluoride as it stands that it is unnecessary? Or is it because the dental industry is aware of this risk and is counting on it, much like the medical industry counts on prescription medications keeping patients ill and coming back for more treatment and more drugs?

Are they purposely destroying our teeth to create permanent customers? It is not so far fetched to think when you keep in mind that the medical industry has been keeping people ill for decades. It is far more profitable to treat a problem for years or perhaps even for life than it is to simply cure it or even prevent it altogether.