People have been waiting for it for years, people like Alex Jones and others who have been reporting on so-called conspiracy theories for decades. It is starting to look like we have finally reached the boiling point now. I have never wanted to believe in a globalist plan to take over the entire world, it just seems so cartoonish in my mind, which is probably exactly how they want us to view it right? No one really wants world domination outside of cartoons, T.V and movies, or do they?

It is starting to seem like those “conspiracy theories” weren’t so crazy after all with circumstances being what they are in the world right now. Unless you have been under a rock all weekend then you are aware of what has been going on in the U.S. since Friday. If you have been under a rock all weekend, let me just quickly break it down for you.

Last week, two unarmed men were shot by police officers in two different parts of the country. The men shot happened to be black, although I am not sure what color the officers were that shot them, and it really does not matter. One of the men’s death was livestreamed on Facebook by his girlfriend in the passenger seat of the car, which already seemed fishy to me.

Why? Because if your boyfriend and father of your child was just killed inches from you by a cop who was still standing there at the window, would your first thought be to get on your phone, login to Facebook mentions and stream it all live? That is most likely not where my mind would go first, but hey, maybe that is just me. So that allegedly happened, then there were the inevitable nationwide protests that happen whenever a person of color is killed by a police officer in this country.

The Black Lives Matter people put on a huge nationwide protest and, in Dallas Texas, the police were out in full force for the security of the protestors and passersby. Some asshole decided to start taking pot shots sniper style and when the shots first rang out all of the protestors ran for their lives in the opposite direction. The police, on the other hand, ran toward the gunfire, because their job is to protect those protestors even though it was the police themselves that the protestors were protesting about. The cops ran into the gunfire, were shot at, eleven were hit and five ended up dead. The response to those cops death is somehow less outrage and more blaming of white people, guns and racism against blacks. That shit sounds like shenanigans to me, but apparently two black men being shot by cops elsewhere justifies the murder of five officers in Dallas who were only doing their jobs.

Why is it that this country only gets upset when a person of color is killed by a cop? That person could be armed or unarmed, an innocent victim or a violent thug, but if they are brown and a cop kills them it is a fucking travesty, a miscarriage of justice, and of course racist police brutality. But what about the hundreds, no thousands, of white people who are also killed by police, under those same kinds of circumstances? Never hear about that, because it clearly does not fit into the narrative that the mainstream media is so insistent on shoving down our throats. A white person shot to death by a cop is not as important as a black person shot to death by a cop. Why? Because Black Lives Matter, and to say that other lives matter as well is racist.

The Black Lives Matter movement may have been formed with good intentions, although I seriously doubt even that now, but they have turned into nothing more than the black version of the KKK. All of the violent rhetoric is there, and somehow justified because it is not possible for white people to be victims of racism. Why is that exactly? Because for a relatively short period in this nation’s history there were wealthy white people who owned black slaves? Give me a break! Not all white people in the past owned slaves, in fact most people were not able to afford to purchase human slaves.

Let’s not forget about all of the other races who were enslaved throughout history; the Romans who enslaved each other, the Jews who were enslaved by the Egyptians, the poor Irish who bought passage to America by becoming indentured servants to wealthy Enlgish colonists, plus multitudes of other races who were enslaved either by their own race or another.

Let’s face it, there are very few races of people out there who have not been enslaved at some point in time. Time to get over it.

The world is not black and white and neither is racism, it is ignorant to look at today’s situation and not see that there is racial division happening and it is being done purposefully. This is the ‘old reliable’ divide and conquor strategy. Think I am a racist? Or maybe just crazy? The fact remains that there are just as many, if not more, whites than blacks killed by the police in the United States of America every year. Check out this article for more information on those numbers.

There is a problem in this country, and it isn’t racism, it isn’t guns, it isn’t even police brutality. The problem in this country is the divide and conquor strategy being used against us to pit us all against one another. If we are fighting with each other all the time then we won’t have time to fight the men behind the curtain, the ones really screwing us over big time behind the scenes.

Before we have a Second Civil War in this country, let’s make sure we are waging it against the right people.

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