Something New

First thing’s first; I am always open to suggestions from readers and subscribers. Now there is a quick and easy way for you to get these suggestions to me. If you have something you want to say, or an idea to suggest, you have two options:

  • The first option is, of course, the Facebook option. Raven’s Writing Desk on Facebook is an easy place to leave a post or send a message. I check this page daily.
  • The new option is to send me a direct email at I will check this email regularly.

Send Ideas of All Types

You can send me a link to something interesting you saw on the internet, maybe a crazy website you think would be a good topic for the blog or a crazy video you saw. Conspiracy theories are always welcome, of course, but other things are welcome as well. Fun Fictional Story ideas, for a laugh or just to see if I can do it, anything at all.

So subscribe to the blog, get email updates, like on Facebook and start sending me some crazy bookmark links or some funny ideas. Nothing is off limits, and I will credit the subscriber who sends me an idea I roll with. Anonymity is, of course, available upon request.

This will be fun.