Check out all of the red in the featured image of this post! It happened, friends and neighbors, it actually happened. I was in disbelief while watching the numbers last night on the New York Times election forecast site. I was ready for a stolen election, for the threat of nuclear war with Russia, with more terrorists being allowed to infiltrate our nation and destroy it from within. I am happy to be wrong, my level of disbelief is slowly bleeding into nearly overwhelming relief at the Clinton loss.

But Wait

Not to say that Donald Trump is the perfect, ideal person to run this country. Not at all. But when weighing the options before I cast my vote last week, the choice was clear to me and apparently millions of other voting Americans. I actually voiced a prayer to whatever Creator might have been listening last night! Yea, you read that right. I am seeing alternative media posts calling this an act of divine intervention and I have to agree.

Astounding Level of “Butt Hurt”

I am also seeing a great deal of social media posts from dejected Liberals and Democrats decrying the decision that was made last night. They are calling Trump all the same names they have called him since he announed his bid for POTUS. It amazes me the level of willful blindness that those on the left are exhibiting.

Let’s talk for a second about all those people who said they would leave the United States if Trump was victorious. Here is a comprehensive list of 23 celebrities and activists who “threatened” to leave this nation in the event of a Trump victory. My only message to them is “Bye”. They better start packing their bags or eating their words really quick.

An point of interest during this campaign season was the multitudes of people who said they were going to essentially flee this country if he won. How many people were there that threatened to leave in the event of a Clinton win? I didn’t see any, and I cannot find any articles with lists of people who stated they were going to leave if she won. That is typical of Liberals and Democrats though, isn’t it?

“Wah wah, if I don’t get my way I will throw a tantrum and run away”

Women for Trump

When I posted that same idea on my personal social media account, another interesting thing happened. Some on my friends list liked the post within moments, and you know what? They were all female.

That’s right, a lot of women voted for Mr. Trump. I will be the first to admit that I would LOVE to vote in the first woman president, I would be ecstatic. I might have even been swayed to vote with my vagina had it been for any other woman but that particular one. A career criminal, an epic liar, a possible terminally ill and likely psychotic old hag. That is not the woman I want the history books to record as the first female president of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton Super Sore Loser

She could not even show her face to her own supporters last night and bow out gracefully the way every other losing presidential candidate has done when they lost. Not Hillary, she sent out John Podesta, recently famous thanks to Wikileaks. He told her supporters to go home. I would not be surprised if she had to be sedated when the results were clear.

Hold Trump’s Feet to the Fire

This will not be a case of hero worship, starry eyed infatuation as it was when Obama won in ’08. Trump supporters only support him because of his promises, and the battle has just begun. I hope we are all pleasantly surprised by what a Truther President might be able to accomplish if given half a chance. This could go down in history books as what saved America and the American way of life, as well as Western Civilization as a whole. We can only hope, which is more than we could have done had Hillary won.

Trump needs to be kept acountable to the American people, which is clear to everyone who supported his campaign. He made a lot of bold claims, he promised a lot of big things and I cannot wait to see if he is allowed to accomplish even half of it.

Ignore the Race Baiters

Already, this morning, I am seeing a lot of commentary about how this was a “whitelash” against a black president and other such foolishness. Are these people forgetting that Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are all also white? Don’t let our nation descend even further into the Race War that Obama has been pushing for for the past eight years.

Make America Great Again

We have averted a major crisis here. Russia is ready to restore relations with the U.S. instead of going to war. Incidentally, Republicans won back the House and Senate and Recereational Marijuana was passed for my home state. We are ready for some REAL change we can actually BELIEVE in. I cannot wait until January 20th and I hope President Elect Trump is able to stay safe and alive. Let’s get this country back on the path it should be on.