The Most Sickening Conspiracy Pt. 3

The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 1

The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 2

Yes, I took a long time between the second installment in this serial blog post and the current installment. My excuse…this topic is completely screwed up and when you spend too much time researching a topic such as this, you need to take a break in between.

There has been a great deal of coverage from the alternative media on this subject in recent weeks and, in response to that coverage, there has been a concentrated effort by mainstream media sources to silence alternative media. I have never seen so much effort put into stifling what most people just call “conspiracy theory”.

This begs the question: Why? Why is this such a big thing? Why are news outlets such as the NY Times and Washington Post going to such great lengths to defend the owner of some obscure pizza shop? Think about this for minute, I mean really think about it.

How much attention do “conspiracy theory” news stories typically get? The answer is, typically none. When people came out in earnest that 9/11 was an inside job, how much media coverage did that get? When people were convinced that the Aurora theatre shooting or the Sandy Hook  school shooting were false flag events, how much coverage in the mainstream news did those theories get?

During the presidential campaign over the past year, when Hillary Clinton was exhibiting signs of extremely poor health, the only coverage that addressed that topic was vehement denials and ridicule of people who believed it. There are other instances, as well, that show that the typical mainstream response to the more outrageous conspiracy theories is silence. They simply don’t address it, which makes it easier to disregard the claims of those who push the narratives.

But now, all of a sudden, this pizza shop is being stridently defended by news outlets. The insistent championing of Comet Ping Pong, to me, means that the story is either entirely true or has enough truth elements to make them really worry. In my mind, if the story is a lie or just people looking too hard for monsters and seeing them because they want to see them, then the story would be ignored like most other conspiracy theories are ignored by the mainstream.

“Me thinks thou doth protest too much”

Yea, I am gonna leave it at that.

What it comes down to is the further you dig into this topic, the more you realize that it is all tied in to all of the outlandish theories that people have been trying to expose for years, even decades. The bottom line is this is not even about Comet Ping Pong in D.C…this is not about John Podesta and his pervert friends and family. This is not about Bill Clinton being a disgusting pedophile rapist who keeps company with other disgusting pedophile rapists such as Jeffrey Epstein. This goes beyond all of that. This could, and likely does, encompass so much more than just some sick code words peppered in some leaked emails.

This includes elites, not just from our country, but from around the world. The British royals, the Saudis, the United Nations…that is how widespread this really is.

Perhaps you read about the Canadian children that went on a walk with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip and never came back. Maybe you read about how the parents of those children never got any answers and the royals just went back to their palace without having to answer for the large group of children that disappeared while in their custody. Maybe you have heard of the arrest warrant issued for the Queen in 2013 after a special court hearing in Brussels regarding the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. If not, here is a link to that story, check it out.

See, what the mainstream media is not saying is that this conspiracy has been around for decades while they have ignored it or swept it under the rug of ridicule by using the derogative “conspiracy theory” to leach away credibility. This is not about some lame pizza shop that is most likely just a waypoint for the victims of these people. This is about the entire, disgusting, corrupt circle of government and media elites who have persistently covered this up over a large chunk of time.

Think about all of the children that go missing each year, their faces plastered on CNN across the nation, and the world in some cases. Take, for instance, Madeleine McCann. Remember her? If not, refresh your memory here. Now, take a look at these images.


Now, remember, three year old Madeleine was abducted in Portugal in 2007, more than nine years ago. But those two images from the police sketch of the suspects in her disappearance do bear a striking resemblance to John and Tony Podesta, do they not?

I am not saying that they are, 100% certainly the men in the police sketches, but it probably cannot be discounted out of hand. The resemblance is really uncanny. Now check this one out….a third police sketch and another well known D.C. pervert.


Again, an uncanny resemblance.

Am I saying that Anthony Weiner, John Podesta and Tony Podesta travelled to Portugal in May 2007 and abducted a three year old from her hotel room while her parents had left the room unattended to go eat dinner? No, I am not. But I am saying that it is amazing that three police sketches associated with that abduction case so closely resemble these men that are now embroiled in pedophilia scandals.

So now lets take a look back about thirty years. In an article from January 2015, Corbett Report did an extensive report on the subject of elite pedophile rings and the coverups involved. Here is a link to the article which I have also quoted below.

Likewise in America, allegations of political pedophile rings date back decades, with the most notorious being the Franklin scandal in which Lawrence E. King Jr. was accused of running an elite child prostitution ring for Nebraska Republican Party members and high-ranking U.S. politician

After it was named a “carefully crafted hoax” and two of the most important witnesses were charged with perjury after two others recanted their testimony, this story was swept under the rug and forgotten by most people. Of course, there is at least one person who did not forget; Noreen Gosch. Her 12 year old son, Johnny, was abducted from his West Des Moines neighborhood while on his paper route in September 1982. You can read about his disappearance here, as well as many other sources who have reported on the story over the decades.

Now, check out this Time Magazine article from 2014 focusing on the British element of the pedophile coverup.

Perhaps now you begin to see, if you did not already, that this is far more widespread than some stupid pizzeria.

More installments to come as this story evolves.


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