The Most Sickening Conspiracy Pt. 4

The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 1

The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 2

The Most Sickening Conspiracy Pt. 3

We are starting to see a much bigger, and much more disturbing picture now that this worldwide citizen’s investigation is starting to pan out a bit. For years, those of us with our eyes wide open to the darker parts of the world have known that the world elite have had involvement in human trafficking, sexual abuse of children and weird, occult based rituals.

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear. This does not mean that all of us actually believe that these people are really communing with demons or interdimensional beings or aliens (depending on what theory you like best). But, that does not mean that we do not believe that the people taking part in this crazy shit believe in it.

In fact, I stand by my original assessment that just the fact that they are trying so hard to counter this investigation by ridiculing it and silencing it means that it is at least partially, if not completely, true.

Also, in case anyone is interested in following the websleuths and their investigation exposing this horrendous conspiracy can now do so on VOAT. When Reddit disbanded the pizzagate community due to its obvious support of pedophilia, all of those people went over to this website and now you can follow it here.

Also, here is a video worth checking out that covers the disproportionate numbers of missing kids from Virginia.


How does a state with a population of only 8.3 million people have more missing children than a state with triple that number like, say, Texas. That is a scary statistic for parents and children in the state of Virginia. Why do over half of those missing children not have photographs associated with them? Why is that a situation exclusive to missing children out of Virginia? Why are there 180 missing kids in Virginia that were reported missing without an identifying picture? Very troubling to say the least.

The only state that has more missing kids than Virginia is California with 592 missing kids and a population five times that of Virginia. What happens to all of these missing children?

Then, there is this video, outlining a strange anomaly regarding the eyes of children associated with this trafficking scandal. Check this out.


That is just bizarre, right? To people who have been awake to the occult based shadow government this, of course, comes as no real surprise. We have always speculated that there is some kind of genetic factor that is in play.

The deeper this investigation goes, the more bizarre and troubling it becomes. Just when we think it cannot get any weirder, any worse, any more disgusting and disturbing, it does.

Here is a video from David Seaman, former contributor to Huffington Post and Business Insider who has since gone “rogue” and joined the alt-media after getting fired a few months back for speculating on the health of Hillary Clinton.


And this.


Knowing that there are in fact underground tunnel systems underneath D.C., the scope of this situation is made clear. There has been speculation that there are tunnel systems stretching across the entire country.

This story will be updated as it evolves.


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