What Fuckery is This?

I know, it has been a while with no new posts, and now here I am with a title like that?

I had to take a hiatus from blogging since the only thing I had to write about for a bit was pedophiles. That kind of stuff gets into your head after a while and I find that distancing myself from it is the only sure way to get that crap out of my brain. A mental detox from pizzagate needed to occur. But rest assured, just because I have not been posting does not mean I have been under a rock.

I have been on the internet, trying to stay away from Pedogate stories, while admittedly failing much of the time. But the part of my mind that has not been taken up with that horrible topic has been observing all kinds of bullshit lately and I guess I just cannot hold my tongue anymore.

First thing on my agenda: The “liberal” left has completely lost its shit. Calling a gay, Jewish man with a preference for black men an anti-gay, white supremicist? What, are they all high as fucking kites? That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have heard come out of the left in who knows how long, and to start a riot because someone is saying things that you disagree with is pretty much terrorism incarnate.

Before you try to say I am being dramatic, let’s take a moment to review some simple vocabulary, shall we?




The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims.

That’s right, folks, using violence as a means of furthering a political agenda is, in fact, the very definition of terrorism. Rioting because things are not going your way politically is the same as being a terrorist. Which brings me to my next point, legitimate protesting versus complete chaos.

Burning down cars on the street, pepper spraying people, hitting people with signs or fists, blocking traffic on major routes; none of those things are legitimate forms of protest. I think all of these “protestors” missed the part where there is a line between protesting something and full fledged rioting.

I am going to go back and use the same example as before our little break to discuss technical terms. When someone is giving a talk or a seminar or anything, and the speaker or the topic is something with which you strongly disagree, protesting is fine. It is well within your First Amendment rights to voice your opinion. However, trying to silence someone else from speaking simply because you are in disagreement with them, for whatever reason, is fascism.

Just as you have the right to be offended, I have the right to offend, it is as simple as that.

Now for the next bullet on my list; feminism.

Feminazis have completely lost what little marbles of sanity they had rattling around in their nearly empty heads. Marching around wearing “pussy hats” and making ridiculous statements and demands are not things that are going to “empower” women. Now there will be another protest, “A Day Without Women”…but what are these harpies marching for?

In the United States of America, women have had equal rights for decades. We gained the right to vote close to 100 years ago, we have been in the workforce since the last World War, we burned our bras in the 70s (for reasons still unknown to me), we decided we don;t need a man to raise a family AND have a career, there are powerful women all around the nation who definitely are not oppressed in any way. So what more “equal rights” are you bitches looking for?

I will tell you right now, modern feminists are not seeking anything about “equality”…the goal has turned to more of a supremecy than anything else. These women not only want men to admit that females are equal to males, they want men to bow down and be subservient to women in the way that women were subservient to men for centuries. That is not equality.

It really seems to be the problem with all great movements, eventually they lose their sight and become too extreme. Women are, in some cases, even talking about doing away with men altogether, as though WE do not need THEM as much as THEY need US. This is pretty anti-species shit in my opinion.

Men and women are both important in their own ways, and maybe we are NOT equal in every way, but biology cannot be protested against. Men cannot have babies without women, and while women might be able to get pregnant without having sex with a man, at this point in technology we still require one very important thing that only a MAN can provide; sperm.

I have seen women on the internet talking about how they think that masculinity is a bad thing, a dangerous thing even. Ignorance is more dangerous. These harpies are breeding a whole new generation of little boys who think that their very maleness is wrong!

My suggestion to real feminists who are in the modern movement: stand up for the rights of women who NEED someone to stand up for them! I can think of one group of women in particular who could use a good example of female champions. Instead, American women who do not even know the meaning of the word “oppressed” are marching in “solidarity” with a religion that makes a huge point of the abuse and oppression of all of their women. So-called feminists who are wearing hijaabs to marches, you are the very definition of stupid and blind. Muslim women are oppressed and abused in every way imaginable every single day of their lives, and they are so indoctrinated that they do not even recognize their own suffering in many cases. These are the women who could benefit from the Women’s Liberation Movement that still exists today.

Instead they are running around like mentally handicapped, decapitated chickens, crying about abortion rights! For crying out loud, abortion should not be a “right” for all women to exploit! In the day and age we live in there are, in existence right now, a multitude of better ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from happening in the first place. But instead of promoting birth control, these crazy bitches want to just get knocked up and then terminate the life they accidentally created as if it is no big deal. We have birth control, in many different forms! Aborton should be reserved for the most desperate circumstances, not used as a method of birth control in and of itself.

Frankly, all of this insanity needs to stop.

Now, finally, the newest Wikileaks release; Vault7.

Essentially, the Vault7 release outlines the documentation that the CIA has regarding its use of, essentially, cyber weapons against anyone with a device that can connect to the internet. There are a lot of tin foil hatters such as myself who are feeling pretty vindicated, once again, after what we have been talking about for several years now has been proven to be truth. If you have a smart TV, an Android, an IPhone, a computer that runs practically any operating system, then the CIA is able to record anything you say within ear shot of your device.

Some believe this will have a kind of “chilling effect” on people exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech. I, for one, will probably be even more obnoxious thanks to this little bit of confirmation of what I already knew. Let them listen; I want them to hear what I have to say.




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