Absurdity: Racism and Halloween

I am back, folks. It has been months, I know, but the long gap is easily explained. Pregnancy gave me wicked carpal tunnel and I was unable to type more than the occasional Facebook status update for several months. But that is over now and here I am, and just in time for Halloween.

So I am sure everyone has heard that Halloween is now a holiday of cultural appropriation and racism. That’s right, folks, the holiday that has always been an excuse to play dress up and get free candy from our neighbors has been politicized in a major way. No longer is it acceptable for children of certain races to dress up as characters that may be of a different ethnicity. What “certain races” you ask? White kids, basically. White kids are not allowed, according to the political thought police and the far lefties that have taken over the world of media, to dress up as anything other than their own races…

Apparently, in today’s world, there is no such thing as innocent fun. Why is this? The same ridiculous oversensitivity that says that white girls cannot wear hoop earrings or white boys cannot have dread locks in their hair.

White children are apparently no longer allowed to choose a Halloween costume based on characters they like, think are cool, admire, etc. There can be no little white girls dressing up as Princess Tiana or Moana…there can be no little Indians, no little Ninjas, nothing that might constitute the appropriation of a culture different from that of the child in question. ‘


Your kid wants to dress up as Pocahontas? Well, they better be Native American or else they and you, as their parent, are racist pieces of shit. Your blonde haired, blue eyed son wants to be a bandito? Well, fuck you, you’re racist and you are raising a racist little piece of shit. This is what the left would like everyone to believe.

I have just one question about this: What about other ethnicities? Can a little black kid dress up as Superman? Yes, you say? But Superman is a white character from white culture, is that not cultural appropriation? Of course it isn’t, because white culture is the only culture that is not sacred. The little chinese boy wants to be Batman? Perfectly fine, but if the little white kid wants to be a ninja, that shit is RACIST!


The double standard is glaringly apparent here.

Ben Shapiro rmade an excellent point on his show recently. Since we are only allowed to dress up as our own race, what about his daughter? He is Jewish, his daughter is also Jewish, but she also likes Cinderella which is absolutely not a part of Jewish culture…what is a parent to do?

Where does the line get drawn between political correctness and innocent fun? White kids, and their parents, are not picking so called ethnic costumes to be racist or to mock another culture. White kids pick their Halloween costumes based on the same factors that kids of other races pick theirs. The five year old white boy who wants to be a ninja is not thinking “how can I mock Asian culture?” The seven year old white girl who wants to dress up as Moana is not thinking “Haha, I am mocking Pacific Islander culture.” and anyone who believes otherwise is, quite frankly, an asshole pure and simple.


I will also go further and say that the parents of these white kids are not allowing their kids to pick costumes and silently snickering to themselves “teehee, my son/daughter is appropriating another persons culture.” That just is not what is happening, and if you think otherwise, I reiterate, you are an asshole.


Just let the children have their candy/dress up fun holiday and stop slamming your identity politices all over their good time! Halloween is the one day a year where it is supposed to be acceptable to dress up as anything you want, stop trying to ruin it with fabricated racism and the myth of cultural appropriation. It’s bullshit, just stop it.





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