It Has Begun: The disgusting new “fight for equality”

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed today, I saw this:


If your brain is having a hard time accepting what your eyes are showing you, just let me reassure you that it is exactly what it looks like. The normalization of pedophilia has been going on for a while now. If you have read previous posts on this subject then you are already aware of this disgusting trend.

Pedophiles are trying to hijack the LGBT community into this movement to allow “Pedosexuality” to become a socially acceptable thing. What is truly disturbing is all of the people lurking online who are willing to defend these destroyers of innocence with phrases like “it’s a disorder, not a crime” and “if they don’t HURT a child then they have every right to live that anyone else has”…my answer to these scumbags is always the same: “If you defend a pedophile’s right to be a pedophile then you are culpable in any future CRIMES they commit.”

Despite what these sub-humans like to believe, it IS a crime. Pedophiles destroy the lives of their victims in a way that even murderers cannot accomplish. A murderer is more merciful than a sex offender who targets children. “Raven!” you might say, “that is a bit extreme isn’t it?”

No, it is not. A murder victim stops suffering the moment their life is taken. The victim of a pedophile has to deal with the consequences of being victimized their entire lives, it never goes away and it shapes them, forever. Now we have this movement #HeartProgress, the goal of which is to get people to accept “Pedosexuality” as just another sexual orientation! If that happens, then how long before people are forced to accept the rape of children as something that is OK?

This simply cannot be allowed to happen.

I never had a problem with the gay community, I do not want this post to be misunderstood as anti-gay bashing, because that is not what this is. However, that being said, I have to say that I have never approved of all of the “gay pride” crap. Not because I hate gay people or anything like that, I just feel like a person’s sexuality should not be public knowledge. I don’t go around doing PSAs about my straightness, and I am sure if I did no one would want to hear it…so why throw your homosexuality in everyone’s face? Now we have this happening, pedophiles are coming out from underneath the rocks they belong under and becoming bolder! Is this OK with anyone who is not a deviant? I don’t think it is or should be.

In the wake of the Hollywood sex scandals, and in the midst of the possibility of the Hollywood pedophile ring finally being fully exposed, we should not allow this normalization of predatory behavior to continue.

An advocate for HeartProgress, James Carter, did an interview in April of this year with Susan Mitchell, here are a few excerpts from the interview, and you can read the interview in its entirety for yourself by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Q: Great. Why do you think that pedosexuals deserve equal rights? What exactly does that mean? And at what point do their rights impose on the safety of children?

A: That’s a very good question. Well, basically, human right is a right afforded to someone who is human. Pedophiles tend to be maligned in popular opinion and in the press, but even if you don’t like them you have to admit they are human. As humans, we have an inalienable right to make ourselves happy, and to enter into loving and consensual relationships with others. So, I am advocating for that and that alone. That a pedosexual should be allowed to have a consensual; not a forceful- relationship with people that they love, regardless of age.


Q: Okay, well, hypothetically let’s say that children are legally capable of providing consent. What about mentally, children do not realize the ramifications both short term and long term that can accompany a sexual encounter or especially a sexual relationship that can be ongoing.

A: Well, look here in America everybody who hates pedosexuals says I’m worried about children’s safety, I’m about their physical safety. When you look here in America 3.5 million sport injuries happen to children and teens every year. These include paralysis and death from playing in football. You know if you take a very hard tackle on the football field you can walk off the field, your dizzy, and ten minutes later you’re dead. If we really really cared about children’s safety would we allow a child to consent to go upon the football field and risk his life? Obviously, when it is something we care about, like sports, we’re willing to allow them to consent to play you know because the child has to consent and say “I will play football.”

Jesus, excuse me while I stifle the urge to projectile vomit at the thought of comparing the sexual safety of young children to the risks of playing organized sports. The absolute gall of this man to even come close to making that comparison is horrifying.

This cannot be allowed to continue, decent human beings who actually care about the safety and wellbeing of our children need to make their voices heard and put a stop to this. People in the LGBT community who are also decent and caring about the safety and innocence of kids should also be outraged that this disgusting movement is trying to latch on to their causes as well.

Stop The Pedophile Revolution! We need to keep these predators at bay and we need to make sure they know that they will NEVER be accepted in society. It is not a sexual orientation like any other, it is deviant and to act on those feelings is and always needs to be considered a crime!



Interview With James Carter of HeartProgress – In order to access the interview you will have to either log in to the site or enter your birthday to confirm you are over 18.


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