DEW Fires


If you live in California, or have been following the news, then you know that the entire western part of the United States is on fire…again. Yes, back in 2015 we thought that the fires burning through small towns and communities and expansive pieces of wildland were anomolous bad luck. But as we have seen during every year since then, this is our new normal here on the west coast.

I grew up here in Northern California and I can say with absolute certainty that major, catastrophic fires were NOT a yearly occurence when I was growing up. It was a rare event for a fire to burn the way fires burn now.  Locals in my community and other communities throughout the state have commented on the extremes we are seeing in the most recent fire seasons. That is another thing we did not have when I was a kid growing up here, “fire seasons”.

I am not saying that there were no wildfires in the 90s and early 2000s, of course there were. Pre-2000 there were 9 notable wildfires in California. After 2000, there has been at least one really bad fire a year! You can see for yourself here.

So, what exactly is the point of my observations? Don’t worry, I am gettin there.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

What is a directed energy weapon? According to Wikipedia:

directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon system that inflicts damage at a target by emission of highly focused energy, including lasermicrowaves and particle beams.

Yep, that’s right, I am talking about laser weapons being used to spark fires in the Western United States. This theory surfaced on the web in the fall of 2017 after the October Firestorm in Santa Rosa, CA. The Tubbs Fire burned through many neighborhoods of the Sonoma County area, laying communities to waste in a strange way. There are photos of the aftermath showing that the fire burned through some areas in a straight line, completely devestating homes and neighborhoods but also completely missing homes and neighborhoods that were on either side of the burn scars.

That is not the way any natural fire burns that I have ever seen. Check out these images.



See how the buildings are obliterated despite all of that “defensible space” in the form on concrete parking lots, but the trees are green still? This is not how fire burns, guys! Sparks are not going to fly in the wind and exclusively land on buildings, burn those buildings to ash while leaving the surrounding vegetation completely untouched and still green.

Before you call me crazy, take a look at this:


Now look at this


Not such a crazy idea, really. You can go on Youtube and find hundreds of documentaries showing the evidence for this theory. For years now I have been saying to my friends and family that these fires are unnatural. These fires are not sparked by lightning or lit cigarettes thrown from car windows. These fires grow to enormous size, create their own wind and expand with terrifying speed and ferocity.

The only question I have at this point is who is doing it and why?

We have a few enemies in the developed world who possess this kind of technology. But there is always that possibility that our own government is doing this to us, as well. Decide for yourself what you want to believe, but it cannot be argued that these fires are normal, or that it is  normal to have a season of fires every single year, no matter how dry or moist the wildland might be.

The county where I live, as well as neighboring counties all passed local ordinances in 2016 requiring all home and land owners to create fire defensible space or face fines. Tall weeds must be cut down, leaf litter must be cleaned from rooftops and gutters, etc. However, a lot of state, county and city owned land has NOT been made defensible by the public agencies that own it. Many highways and mountain roads have extremely tall weeds still along the sides of the roads. Why do they not even attempt to follow the laws that they created to supposedly lessen the fire danger in certain areas? Is it because they possibly know that the fires will be sparked no matter what? At least if there are tall weeds and dry brush around the area they can blame the out of control flames on that?

This is all highly suspect, to say the very least, and many residents of California are questioning how these fires start and why they spread so incredibly fast.



One thought on “DEW Fires

  1. i agree. these fires are not natural or the norm for what this part of california used to experience. when we grew up out here, “fire season” meant its hot out so cut the weeds, and no riding around without a muffler or what ever on your bike or quad . it DID NOT mean pack your shit and run from thw hell fire coming down now.

    i would also likw to point out that the Red Cross was actually helpful back then dueing disasters, and now they just make things worse for the people thwy should be helping.


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