Q Who?

I am sure you have heard of the illustrious QAnon and his cryptic posting habits. But recently I came across and very fun conspiracy theory regarding this elusive and mysterious troll.

Who is QAnon

QAnon is a person, or possibly a group of people, who appear to have some kind of ties to the Trump administration. They post on message/image boards cryptic messages that indicate that they are somehow privy to information about the deep state, Hollywood, individuals in the government and entertainment industry and, more recently, a Plan to Save the World.

People on the left hate Q. People on the right love Q. I personally have no idea who this person or people could be, but I like what they are doing a great deal.

The Theory

The theory I like best regarding the identity of Q is compelling and intriguing.

JFK Jr. Alive?

That’s right! According to  some theorists online, JFK Jr., thought to be dead since 1999 following a plane crash, is in fact alive! Having faked his own death, he lived his life in obscurity until his good friend Donald Trump ran for, and won, the Presidency.

When JFK Jr. allegedly crashed his plane into the ocean on his way to Martha’s Vineyard, I was a teenager. Therefore, I did not pay much attention to the story at the time, other than to note that the son of JFK had died, following along with the “Kennedy Curse”.

However, as I got older I became more interested in conspiracy theories and thus began to look into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of yet another Kennedy man.

  • JFK Jr. was not an experienced pilot. He had taken lessons and obtained his license in April of 1998. Only a little over a year had passed since he had passed his flight lessons but he was known to still frequently have a flight instructor accompany him on flights as he was a very cautious man. He had reason to be cautious when it came to his own life, given the propensity for Kennedy men to die prematurely.
  • Not only did he not take his dog with him on that fateful flight, an almost unheard of occurrence, he also did not take a flight instructor. This is despite the fact that he was recovering from a broken foot and had a cast on his foot which would have impeded his ability to fly the plane safely.
  • The search for the plane, as well as the investigation into the incident, including the autopsies on all three bodies found in the wreckage was rushed and hushed.
  • No batteries in the plane’s black box.
  • All of the instruments in the cockpit were melted.

There are many inconsistencies in the death of JFK Jr., and, like his father’s death, it has sparked many conspiracy theories. One such theory is that JFK Jr. was yet another body to add to the Clinton Body Count. Some believed that Hillary had JFK Jr. taken out so that she would not have him as competition for the New York Senate seat which she ended up sitting in.

However, this new Q theory obviously blows that one out of the water so to speak.

I am not, by any means, saying that I think this is the correct theory. I am just repeating what I have been hearing on YouTube. But a suspicious death with strange circumstances where the deceased happens to be the son of the nation’s most beloved President who was marked for assassination by members of our own intelligence agency…well, you have a recipe for conspiracy theories right there.

JFK Sr.’s Burial Site Looks Like a Q

This is a bit tenuous, I’ll admit that freely. However, it is just one more delightful piece of evidence on this conspiratorial cake and I will take it! Check out the picture.


More Likely Theory

Others believe that Q is a group of people who work in the military and intelligence agencies. It is clear, no matter who is behind the mysterious moniker, they are “in the know” about inside info. Some even speculate that Q could be POTUS posting all of this. It would not be the first time Donald Trump did such a thing after all, although the circumstances are vastly different this time around.

The Plan

Moving on from the theory of Q’s identity, let’s take a look at “The Plan to Save the World”.


I am suddenly feeling pretty damn patriotic…

Anyway, there is a Reddit community dedicated to supporting QAnon. I actually joined reddit so I could take a look and figure out what exactly this was all about. The community can be found on reddit by searching great awakening. 

Here are a few of the videos you can see there:




Does It Matter?

The fact is, the identity of the mysterious poster or posters behind QAnon is irrelevant. The message being conveyed is what really matters here. There are good guys working on our behalf, they are fighting a war for us and they are winning, finally.



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