About This Blog

This blog is an outlet for whatever random things I decide to write about,

Sometimes it will be serious stuff, including but not limited to “conspiracy theories”. Sometimes it will be fun stuff, like fictional short stories that I have written and decide to share.

A bit about Raven

I am a freelance writer attempting to break in to the world of literature. Until that happens, I still need an outlet. I have two sons that I teach at home. ( Yes! I AM one of “those” people). I am married to someone who just so happens to be my soul mate, best friend, AND the father of BOTH of my boys. (I know I know, go figure).

I am an “anti-feminazi”. I agree that women are equal and should be treated as such, but I think there are certain areas that are best left to men, and certain areas that are best left to women. That is the way of nature. Needless to say, most feminists hate my guts.

I support recreational and medical marijuana. I believe it should be no more illegal than beer is, and I also support the right of people to be allowed to grow whatever plants they please. Furthermore, I support the Second Amendment (and all of the rest as well of course). Yep, I think that people should be able to protect their weed crops with their guns.

I take issue with a lot of things. I have a real problem with authority and being issued orders. These are all things you should keep in mind before proceeding to read or subscribe to this blog, ya’ll. I do not typically mince words, and sometimes I curse like a sailor if the topic inspires enough passion in my heart. (I possess a great deal of passion)

All of that having now been said, please enjoy my writings and ramblings and rantings and ravings. Click the dots at the top right corner of the page to view my latest posts. If you want to receive email updates, subscribe why don’t ya? I recommend subscribing via email so you can get up to the minute updates on new posts. Also, I encourage you to like the page on Facebook for status updates, ideas and random items of interest that are shared.

All of that pretty much covers everything, so I thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy what you find here. Read on and don’t forget to share!


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