An Election for the History Books

Wow Check out all of the red in the featured image of this post! It happened, friends and neighbors, it actually happened. I was in disbelief while watching the numbers last night on the New York Times election forecast site. … Continue reading An Election for the History Books

Gaslighting the Masses

Watching random videos on Youtube from my “Recommended to Watch” list is often very illuminating. It definitely contributes to many of the ideas that I put forth in this blog, and today is no exception. We are all aware that … Continue reading Gaslighting the Masses

The Death of a Judge

Conspiracy theories have abounded since the announcement of the death of Judge Scalia on Saturday. It is all over social media and truther websites that there is something fishy about the death of this judge. Continue reading The Death of a Judge

A Little Dash of Politics

Of course, it had to come to this. A blog post about the presidential race, a post about the incredulous theatre that is election year and the campaigns of candidates each more ridiculous and asinine than the last. To be quite … Continue reading A Little Dash of Politics