DEW Fires

  If you live in California, or have been following the news, then you know that the entire western part of the United States is on fire…again. Yes, back in 2015 we thought that the fires burning through small towns … Continue reading DEW Fires

Down The Rabbit Hole – Pt. 9 – Bohemian Grove

The topic of this post is not a conspiracy theory. This is a factual, annual event. I included it in this series, however, because the gathering itself has a certain creep factor and secrecy that delegates it to the Rabbit … Continue reading Down The Rabbit Hole – Pt. 9 – Bohemian Grove

California: Just Getting Worse


In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, California is in the midst of an apocalyptic drought. <yes..that was some awful thick sarcasm.

The picture at the top of this post shows Lake Mendocino, and you can see the problem. We are going to be going into our fifth year of drought soon, unless this El Nino system all the weather people keep talking about actually happens. Lakes all over the state are drying up, many much worse than Mendocino. Continue reading “California: Just Getting Worse”