DEW Fires

  If you live in California, or have been following the news, then you know that the entire western part of the United States is on fire…again. Yes, back in 2015 we thought that the fires burning through small towns … Continue reading DEW Fires

The Most Sickening Conspiracy Pt. 3

The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 1 The Most Sickening Conspiracy – Pt. 2 Yes, I took a long time between the second installment in this serial blog post and the current installment. My excuse…this topic is completely screwed up … Continue reading The Most Sickening Conspiracy Pt. 3

An Election for the History Books

Wow Check out all of the red in the featured image of this post! It happened, friends and neighbors, it actually happened. I was in disbelief while watching the numbers last night on the New York Times election forecast site. … Continue reading An Election for the History Books

Beware the AquaDollar

What kind of weird title is that for a blog post, you might wonder. My husband and I were sitting around discussing the demonitization of our currency, geoengineering, government corruption and the New World Order, you know, a typical Tuesday … Continue reading Beware the AquaDollar

The Tipping Point

People have been waiting for it for years, people like Alex Jones and others who have been reporting on so-called conspiracy theories for decades. It is starting to look like we have finally reached the boiling point now. I have … Continue reading The Tipping Point