What Fuckery is This?

I know, it has been a while with no new posts, and now here I am with a title like that? I had to take a hiatus from blogging since the only thing I had to write about for a bit was pedophiles. That kind of stuff gets into your head after a while and I find that distancing myself from it is the only sure way to get that crap out of my brain. A mental detox from pizzagate needed to occur. But rest assured, just because I have not been posting does not mean I have been under … Continue reading What Fuckery is This?

What is Happening Here?

Over the past few months I have watched the world go crazier than ever. If you have not been hiding under a rock since last year then you have watched it happen as well. If you have been hiding under … Continue reading What is Happening Here?

Just For Fun: The Three Stoner Piggies

First, the Why. This idea was sent to me at ravenswritingdesk85@gmail.com by Subscriber Mousey Catastrophe. She wanted me to write a marijuana inspired rendition of The Three Little Pigs. Here is the Result.   The Three Stoner Pigs Once upon a time … Continue reading Just For Fun: The Three Stoner Piggies

Disturbing Paradigm Shift

Warning The following blog post deals with sensitive subject matter that some readers may find offensive. Consider this your “trigger warning”.   Years ago now, I was in full support of Gay Marriage. If gay people wanted to get married … Continue reading Disturbing Paradigm Shift

Down The Rabbit Hole – Pt. 10 – Operation Mockingbird

You have most likely heard of Operation Paperclip. At the end of the second World War, U.S intelligence agencies brought around 500 former Nazi scientists to work for us, here in the United States, developing a multitude of war technology for our … Continue reading Down The Rabbit Hole – Pt. 10 – Operation Mockingbird