Absurdity: Racism and Halloween

I am back, folks. It has been months, I know, but the long gap is easily explained. Pregnancy gave me wicked carpal tunnel and I was unable to type more than the occasional Facebook status update for several months. But … Continue reading Absurdity: Racism and Halloween

What Fuckery is This?

I know, it has been a while with no new posts, and now here I am with a title like that? I had to take a hiatus from blogging since the only thing I had to write about for a bit was pedophiles. That kind of stuff gets into your head after a while and I find that distancing myself from it is the only sure way to get that crap out of my brain. A mental detox from pizzagate needed to occur. But rest assured, just because I have not been posting does not mean I have been under … Continue reading What Fuckery is This?

The Tipping Point

People have been waiting for it for years, people like Alex Jones and others who have been reporting on so-called conspiracy theories for decades. It is starting to look like we have finally reached the boiling point now. I have … Continue reading The Tipping Point

Disturbing Paradigm Shift

Warning The following blog post deals with sensitive subject matter that some readers may find offensive. Consider this your “trigger warning”.   Years ago now, I was in full support of Gay Marriage. If gay people wanted to get married … Continue reading Disturbing Paradigm Shift


When I was a little girl I asked my dad what religion our family was. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old when I first became curious about that stuff. We had never gone to church as a family, … Continue reading Gnosticism

Censorship on Facebook

I have been a member of the social media, life sucking giant Facebook since 2009 when MySpace finally took a backseat to the newer, and somehow more popular social media platform. I didn’t want to leave MySpace, in fact, I … Continue reading Censorship on Facebook