Absurdity: Racism and Halloween

I am back, folks. It has been months, I know, but the long gap is easily explained. Pregnancy gave me wicked carpal tunnel and I was unable to type more than the occasional Facebook status update for several months. But … Continue reading Absurdity: Racism and Halloween

Changes Are Coming

Big changes are in the wind. The tension is almost palpable in nearly every aspect of everyday life. There is racial tension, international tension, tension between political parties, tension between the people and the government, tension between sexes. Things are … Continue reading Changes Are Coming

What is Happening Here?

Over the past few months I have watched the world go crazier than ever. If you have not been hiding under a rock since last year then you have watched it happen as well. If you have been hiding under … Continue reading What is Happening Here?

The Genetic Warehouse

The following was originally shared on Facebook by the National Vaccine Information Center page. The content’s source is CBS8.com. When this appeared in my news feed, I clicked the link and watched the video at the source website. I then … Continue reading The Genetic Warehouse

Censorship on Facebook

I have been a member of the social media, life sucking giant Facebook since 2009 when MySpace finally took a backseat to the newer, and somehow more popular social media platform. I didn’t want to leave MySpace, in fact, I … Continue reading Censorship on Facebook

Racial Division in the U.S.

We need to stop allowing the propaganda that tells us this is a racist nation and it is all whitey’s fault and always will be. We need to come together, not as different races uniting under a single common cause, but as a single race of Americans coming together to stop the proliferation of lies and propaganda from destroying our country. Continue reading Racial Division in the U.S.